Hang Chua - Hang Pagoda in Yen Tri commune (Yen Thuy) is a relic complex with many beautiful caves. It is not only unique with the writings and poems recorded on the cliffs of the ancient people, there are many remains of Hoa Binh culture, it is also known for the unique features of the ancient pagoda located in the cave.

Hang Chùa được xếp hạng là di tích danh thắng cấp quốc gia.

Hang Pagoda.

With the historical and cultural values, the artistic architecture, the religion, and the landscapes, Hang Chua - Hang Pagoda was recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a national historical and cultural relic in 1994.

Hang Chua is also called Van Quan cave. Hang pagoda is the common name of the pagoda built in Van Quang cave. The pagoda used to be called Tham Lam Tu. It is called Hang Chua because at 4 caves in this mountain, there are 2 caves with pagodas in it. The beauty of the caves is that they are not only adorned by the pagodas, but the caves themselves also have their own beauty, the writings and the poems recorded on the cliffs of the ancient people, which has remained the value so far.

Hang Pagoda with 2 pagodas built in 2 caves, the architecture is completely made of wooden. The system of Buddha statues was carved from the eighteenth century, which is a unique heritage, a Buddhist phenomenon shown by the rare cloning of Muong ethnic people in Hoa Binh province.

The pagoda was built a long time ago and was rebuilt during Nguyen Dynasty. On the upper roof of the pagoda there is the inscription: "Khai Dinh Emperor – The Year of Dog (The Year of Khai Dinh – The year of Dog in 1892).

Hang Chua has been a famous landscape for so long in Hoa Binh province, In the caves, there are the cultural traces from the era of "Hoa Binh Culture” in the medieval times, the modern times to the present day. They include fossil sediments of food of the ancient people such as the snail shells, the seashells, the tool pieces, the bronze bells which were cast in the middle time of the 44th year of Canh Hung (1783). In addition, the writings and the poems written by the ancient people on the cliffs are very rare written texts in the cave relics of Hoa Binh province today.

Hang Chua - Hang Pagoda is a relic complex with many caves, existing for hundreds of years, with the fluctuations of nature and of people, however, the historical traces here still remain the value. On the 15th of lunar January every year, Yen Tri commune jubilantly opens the Hang Pagoda Festival with the purpose of praying for the peace and the prosperity of the people, the good weather and the good harvest. It is a beautiful combination of Buddhist and the traditional culture. Attending the festival, the People and visitors will admire the unique scene of the pagoda in the caves, taking part in the cultural exchanges, the sports activities and folk games.

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