(HBO) - In 2017, the beginning of the tourism in Muong village by the lake of Ngoi village in Suoi Hoa commune (Tan Lac) was marked. With the companion of Hoa Binh Tourism Investment joint Stock Company, the first households doing homestays have appeared in Ngoi village, which have become one of the attractive destinations of the tourism area within Hoa Binh lake.

Ngoi village in Suoi Hoa commune (Tan Lac) with the natural and charming and landscape of the lake, attracting a lot of tourism development projects.

The village has advantages and potentials for tourism development with the characteristics of Muong ancient village retaining the architectural style of stilt houses, the customs and the habits, and it has been granted with many beautiful scenery and fresh and cool climate within the lake area. This is also the basis for the village to be recognized as a community tourism village in 2017 by the province.

In order to support the people doing tourism, Hoa Binh Tourism Investment joint Stock Company has implemented the project of Ngoi Hoa cultural, ecological and convalescent tourism area. The company has cooperated with Hanoi Tourism College to train the rescue skills for 50 young people of the village, 15 room staff, and 20 families have been trained to welcome guests. The project has completed the first stage with 7 qualified homestays so far.

In order to support the people doing tourism, Hoa Binh Tourism Investment joint Stock Company has implemented the project of Ngoi Hoa cultural, ecological and resort tourist area. The company cooperates with Hanoi Tourism College to train 50 young people of the village in rescue skills, 15 room staff, 20 families trained to welcome guests. The project so far has completed phase 1 with 7 qualified homestays.

Since doing community tourism, the life of Ngoi village has changed a lot. Tourists have fallen in love and have had a good impression when coming to Ngoi village. The space here is peaceful, the people in the village are rustic, friendly and hospitable. In the village, there are a lot of beautiful and guest-attracting scenes such as Ngoi Bay with clear blue water and surrounded by beautiful limestone mountains. The national relics of Hoa Tien Cave with the stalactites and bamboo shoots has given visitors a rich imagination. In particular, the village is also the place where there is the largest floating water park in Vietnam, with complexes of games such as motor, canoe, kayaking, trying to overcome obstacles on the water.

According to Mr. Dinh Van Vuong, the Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Suoi Hoa commune, the tourism has promoted the development of socio-economy. In the coming time, the tourism in Ngoi village will be better when the road to Hoa Tien Cave is invested. On the other hand, many projects have been approved with the decision in the village by the province. Specifically, the ecotourism projects of Lac Hong, Hoang Son, Ho Guom and V'star businesses, with the lowest total investment of 400 billion VND and the highest of over 1,000 billion VND for each project. In 5-10 years later, when the projects come into operation, the appearance of Ngoi village and the life of the people here will certainly prosper.

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