(HBO) – Locals in Hung and Vanh Ra hamlets, say in April they noticed endangered monkeys not usually seen in the area coming down for food. The rare occurrences were reported near Khu Tang forest rocky mountain range in Yen Phu commune (Lac Son district).

Lac Son district makes major move in mass mobilization to spur development

(HBO) - Lac Son district in Hoa Binh province has considered mass mobilization movement to be one of its important tasks. Many creative and effective models under the movement have been introduced in several fields, including politics, socio-economic development, culture, national defense and security.

Lac Thuy district reimagines development plan to lead province

(HBO) – Lac Thuy district in Hoa Binh province has been recognized for putting together a sustainable development plan for the region in order to position itself as the economic driving force of the province in the future.

Hoa Binh promoting effective use of foreign non-government aid

(HBO) - The use of aid from foreign non-government organisations (NGOs) has been effective in northern Hoa Binh province over recent times.

The Trade Union of the provincial Industrial Parks: Implementing the program of the Workers’ Month in 2022

(HBO) - On April 28th, the Trade Union of provincial Industrial Parks held a meeting of the Executive Board to expand and implement the Program organizing the Workers’ Month, the Month of Action on Occupational Hygiene and Safety in 2022, with the attendance of the representatives of the executive committee of the affiliated grassroots trade union.

Lac Son district witnessing transformation in personnel work

(HBO) - In addition to positive changes in personnel work in Hoa Binh province’s Lac Son district, there remains a number of shortcomings and inadequacies, such as professionalism among district officials being quite low, a lack of vision, leadership, and management skills among management officers, and commune-level officials being mostly from the grassroots level and not being trained from the very beginning, resulting in limited quality and effectiveness.

Hoa Binh to host hill-tribe market to welcome SEA Games 31

(HBO) – Hoa Binh will organise a week-long hill-tribe market next month during the time the northern province hosts cycling events of the 31st Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 31), heard a recent meeting between the provincial People’s Committee and the market’s organising board. The meeting was attended by Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Van Chuong.

Hoa Binh province launches travel stimulus programme

(HBO) – The Hoa Binh provincial People’s Committee recently held a travel stimulus conference for 2022 at the Vietnamese Scientists’ Heritage Park in Cao Phong district. The event was attended by leaders of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and its Tourism Marketing Department and Hotel Department. Local delegates included Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Van Toan, officials of the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the local Tourism Association. Representatives of some organisations and businesses in partnership with Hoa Binh were also present at the event.

Standing Board of Hoa Binh’s Party Committee works with representatives of Thien Minh Tourism joint Stock Company

(HBO) - Ngo Van Tuan, member of the Party Central Committee and Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, on March 30 had a working session with representatives from Thien Minh Tourism JSC to hear their proposals on several projects to open the Hanoi - Hoa Binh air route, turn Mai Chau Lodge into a 4-star hotel - Victoria Mai Chau Lodge, and build a centre to welcome Mai Chau tourism and investment opportunities in Hoa Binh province.

Hoa Binh boosts industrial restructuring towards substantive development

(HBO) – Industrial restructuring towards higher productivity, quality, effectiveness, and added value, along with saving natural resources and fuel to boost exports and further contribute to the province’s budget while restructuring right in investment attraction, is Hoa Binh’s orientation for industrial development, hoped to help with economic restructuring in tandem with growth model reform so that the local economy can reach the national average by 2025.

PC Hoa Binh ensures stable power supply serving COVID-19 prevention, control

(HBO) - The Hoa Binh Power Company (PC Hoa Binh) has taken many measures to adapt safely, flexibly and effectively to the COVID-19 and ensure stable power supply at quarantine areas, medical facilities, and treatment hospitals in Hoa Binh province in the context of the complicated developments of the pandemic.

Effective self-governed groups expanded in residential community

(HBO) – Tan Giang street has a beautiful flower road thanks to the effort of local women who spend time cleaning the street and taking care of flowers at the end of the day or at the weekends.

Hoa Binh works hard to protect and develop aquatic product resources

(HBO) - For many years, the release of fries is part of the efforts to protect, restore and develop aquatic product resources in Hoa Binh province, especially in the context that these resources are increasingly becoming depleted due to negative impacts from humans.

Master plan must tap local potential, advantages for sustainable development

(HBO) – The development of a master plan of Hoa Binh province for 2021-2026, with a vision to 2050 is considered one of the four strategic breakthroughs in the realization of the 17th provincial Party Congress’s Resolution. While it is an urgent task, the quality of planning must be ensured in accordance with the new Law on Planning, thereby creating motivations to attract investment resources for sustainable development.

Hoa Binh strives to effectively implement social welfare policies

(HBO) – Over the last two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has made the lives of people and workers in Hoa Binh, like elsewhere, more difficult. Local authorities have initiated various support activities to the benefit of needy workers and impoverished people, helping them overcome hardships.

Hoa Binh's youths show active engagement in COVID-19 fight

(HBO) – Youngsters in Hoa Binh have voluntarily joined COVID-19 prevention and control activities and implemented many effective models to support pandemic-hit residents.

Hoa Binh strikes cooperative agreement with Vietnam Airlines Group

(HBO) – The Hoa Binh People’s Committee signed an agreement on comprehensive cooperation for the 2022-26 with the Vietnam Airlines Group during a conference held virtually on March 25.

Tan Lac shows strong performance in mass mobilisation

(HBO) - Defining mass mobilisation as one of the important tasks, Tan Lac has actively encouraged local residents to implement the Party and State’s policy and law, thus laying the foundation for the implementation of its socio-economic development.

Hoa Binh People''s Committee signs cooperation deal with Vietnam National University, Hanoi

(HBO) – The Hoa Binh provincial People’s Committee and the Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU) on March 17 signed an agreement on training, scientific research, and technology transfer cooperation for the 2021 - 2025 period.

Hoa Binh speeds up new-style rural area building

(HBO) – In 2021, Hoa Binh faced various obstacles in implementing the national target programme on building new-style rural areas, as the COVID-19 pandemic delivered heavy blows to the consumption of agro-products, especially staples.

Summarizing and awarding the Provincial Competition for the Excellent Teachers at the lower high secondary level in the school year of 2021 - 2022

(HBO) - On March 18th, at Hoa Binh Pedagogical College, the Department of Education and Training held a summary and award ceremony of the Provincial Competition for the Excellent Teachers at the lower high secondary level in the school year of 2021-2022.

Efforts made to fight internet abuse for anti-State purposes

(HBO) – Managing activities in the field of information and communications, relevant agencies in Hoa Binh province have found some people taking advantage of the internet to spread wrong information and conduct sabotage.

The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Mr. Ngo Van Tuan, visits and works at GFS Group

(HBO) - In the morning of March 11, the delegation led by Mr. Ngo Van Tuan, the member of the Executive Committee of the Party Committee, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, the Head of the Provincial Delegation of National Assembly deputies, visited and worked at GFS Group. joining the delegation, there were Mr. Bui Duc Hinh, the Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, the Chairman of the Provincial People's Council; Mr. Bui Van Khanh, the Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee and other leaders of the provincial appropriate authorities. Mr. Pham Thanh Cong, the Chairman of the Group and the Board of Directors of the Group welcomed and worked with the delegation.

Gia Mo and Quyet Chien communes have received the certificate recognizing the standard of the new countryside

(HBO) - The People's Committee of Tan Lac district has just held a ceremony to announce that Gia Mo and Quyet Chien communes met the standards of the new rural area in 2021. These are two particularly difficult communes, and this result recognizes the persistence overcoming difficulties of the whole political system and the people in implementing the national target program of building the new rural area.