(HBO) - There are 80 households in Group 10, Thinh Lang Ward (Hoa Binh City), and over 90% of the population are the Muong ethnic people. Along with living in the center of the city, economic and cultural exchanges, modern cultural flows have greatly influenced traditional cultural activities. In young children, little could speak the local language of the Group, also women do not know how to play gongs, which make the staff and members of the Group anxious and seek direction to restore the identity. However, there was only one set of gongs in the whole ward which was assigned to Group 9 for management and some of them were old and damaged.

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Restoring the traditional festivals of Quen Thi Communal House

(HBO) - Historically, Quen Thi village in Cao Duong commune, Luong Son district was born a few hundred years ago. At first, there were only seven households from other places to settle here. Later, it developed into a village called Trai Mit village, which is now called Quen Thi village. About 300 years ago, the people of Quen Thi village built a communal house to worship the Gods Tan Vien Son, Cun Truong Thung, and the Citadel of the village.

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(HBO) - Tay ethnic people make up 40.57% of the 5 ethnic groups living together in Da Bac district. In the modern life rhythm, Tay ethnic culture of costumes, writing, customs and traditions are always preserved, especially the traditional costumes.

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Fine arts works will be displayed at an exhibition scheduled for mid-September at the Hanoi Museum.

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(HBO) - Muong village is a traditional brocade weaving village in Com hamlet, Dong Lai commune, Tan Lac district