(HBO) – At the age of 70, with more than 40 years serving in the Communist Party and dedicating in education career, Teacher Pham Hung, as Chairman of the Study Encouragement Association of Cao Phong Province, has great concern with study encouragement issue. The success of any local citizen having access to education is considered to bring him overwhelming joy.

Drastically reducing the malnutrition rate in kindergartens

(HBO) - According to the statistics given by Tan Lac Education and Training Board in early January of 2018, in Phu Cuong Kindergarten School, the proportion of underweight and malnourished children accounted for 22.7% in kindergarten age; about 16.9% from 3 to 4 years old; about 14.9% from 4-5 years old.

Na Meo Commune has overcome difficulties to do study encouragement

(HBO) - Being a commune in the extremely difficult area of Mai Chau upland District, but Na Meo has 337/351 households having study encouragement members. In 2017, 127 households were awarded the title "Family Study", 174 households participated in the movement "Raising saving pigs for study encouragement".

Honoring teachers and students participating in the National Science and Technology Competition.

(HBO) - On the morning of March 14th, at the Hoang Van Thu Gifted High School, the Department of Education and Training organized "Honoring Teachers and Students Participating in the National Science and Technology Competition".

Vietjet becomes Miss Vietnam 2018’s official transportation sponsor

Vietjet is the official air transportation sponsor of Miss Vietnam 2018, accompanying the event for the fourth consecutive year.

Kim Boi police shows strong performance in criminal fight

(HBO) – In 2017, there were 71 social disorder cases in Kim Boi district of Hoa Binh province, up 14 cases over 2016. The cases were increasingly complicated as the criminals become more wicked and cunning. To cope with the issue, the district police had rolled out many measures to bring peace for the community.

Improving the quality of teaching foreign languages

(HBO) - Taking us to visit the English classrooms fully equipped with projectors, suitable equipment, teacher Dinh Thi Thanh Tuoi, the Principal of Lac Son High School said: In order to implement the completion of the school facility to become a national standard school and, in particular, to improve the quality of English language teaching, the school has consulted and has been equipped with standardized English classrooms. Since the availability of English classrooms, the activities and quality of this subject has been much more delighted.

“Waking up "the traditional craft

(HBO) - Having a stable job, income and good conditions for taking care of family are the common desires of the women in the current period. With bravely researching and creating, the Bamboo and Rattan Cooperative of Ms. Bui Thi Sanh, Nhan Nghia commune (Lac Son) not only meets those aspirations but also contributes to "waking up” the traditional craft in this countryside - handmade rattan handicrafts.

Firefighters tackle tanker blaze in Hai Phong port city

Firefighters successfully extinguished a tanker fire at Port K99 in in Hai An district in the northern port city of Hai Phong after tackling the blaze for eight hours overnight and into the morning of March 11.

206 candidates compete in the competition for selecting students to study abroad in Russia.

(HBO) - In the morning of March 5, in the Hoang Van Thu Gifted High School, Russian Center for Science and Culture in Hanoi in collaboration with Department of Education and Training of Hoa Binh province held the exam of physics Olympics for oversea study in Russia.

Cat Linh-Ha Dong Line: Commercial service to start in fourth quarter

Hanoi’s first urban railway line between Cat Linh and Ha Dong is scheduled to come into operation in the fourth quarter of 2018 after years of delays due to a funding shortage.

Vietnam, US veterans get together in Hanoi

Vietnamese and US veterans exchanged their views on war losses and the building of a better future at a conference held by the Vietnam – USA Society (VUS) in Hanoi on March 6.

The armed forces in 11 districts and city simultaneously hold the entry training ceremonies in 2018

(HBO) – Implementing the orders from the Commander of Military Region 3, on March 1st, the Military Command Board of 11 provinces and the city in the whole province held a training ceremony in 2018.

Hanoi spring book fair earns over 4 billion VND on Tet holiday

The spring book fair at Hanoi’s Book Street earned more than 4 billion VND (177,200 USD) from selling some 80,000 books from February 18 (the third day of the Lunar New Year 2018) to 25.

Luong Son district maintains rural security

(HBO) - Over the past years, Luong Son district has always identified the problem of rural security as one of the key tasks, especially before, during and after Lunar New Year of 2018 to maintain stability in rural security – social order security in the area.

Binh Thuan faces high risk of forest fires

Over 150,000 hectares of forests in the south central coastal province of Binh Thuan are now on high alert for fires as it is in the peak of the dry season, according to the provincial Forestry Management Department on February 27.

Tan Lac youths join hands to build new-style rural areas

(HBO) – To promote the youth’s enthusiasm, young people and members of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (HCM CYU) of Tan Lac district, Hoa Binh province, have taken various practical actions, contributing to the local new-style rural area building.

Buddhist Sangha proposes eliminating votive paper burning at pagodas

The Vietnam Buddhist Sangha (VBS) has sent an official document to its chapters nationwide asking for giving up the practice of burning votive paper offerings at Buddhist worshiping establishments.

Bo Temple Festival 2018: safety for passengers must be ensure at the wharf

HBO – In the first days of February, competence agencies of Hoa Binh city and Hoa Binh province joined hands with the local port authority, registry agency, waterway police and local authorities to inspect all boats registered to transport passengers at Bich Ha wharf (Thai Thinh commune - Hoa Binh city). This is the final stage of inspection ahead of the 2018 festival season at Bo Temple.

The story of study encouragement of The Ngan Clan.

(HBO) - The Ngan clan (Mai Chau district) consists of 36 Thai ethnic minority households living in Na Meo hamlet (Na Meo commune), Na Cut hamlet (Na Phon commune). Being a clan of ethnic minorities, but the Ngan clan has 13 Party members, 13 descendants with the qualification from vocational college level; 4 people are studying at the intermediate level and 6 people have the level of primary and middle level political theory.

VNPT donates 20 gifts to the households of disadvantaged conditions in Bac Son commune (Tan Lac)

(HBO) – The Youth Union of Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group in cooperation with Hoa Binh Telecom and Hoa Binh Provincial Youth Union organized the program "Warm Affection of VNPT" in Bac Son commune (Tan Lac). It was attended by representatives of Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group and leaders of the Provincial Youth Union and Hoa Binh Telecom.

Flood-hit Nhap hamlet recovers to welcome Lunar New Year

(HBO) – Three months after being damaged by a historic flood, Nhap hamlet (Dong Ruong commune, Da Bac district), thanks to concerted efforts by authorities and people, is recovering to ready for the upcoming Lunar New Year (Tet).

Lung Van Tet market

(HBO) – Colourful and thrilling are typical features of a Lunar New Year (Tet) market of people in mountainous areas. They come to the market not only to shop and trade, but also to meet friends for sipping wine together. joining people going to the market on Tuesday morning of the last week of the lunar year, we came to Lung Van Tet market in Tan Lac district.

Giving gifts to pupils at Van Nghia Commune Primary School and My Thanh Commune Primary School (Lac Son District)

(HBO) - Bibi World Vietnam Limited Company co-operated with the Provincial Legal Aid Center (under the Department of Justice) paid a visit to My Thanh Commune Primary School and Van Nghia Commune Primary School in Lac Son District (these are two extremely difficult communes under Program 135 in the period of 2018 – 2020.The Department of Justice was appointed by the People's Committee of Hoa Binh province to help these two communes reduce poverty). This visit was aimed to give 100 gifts with a total of 30 million dongs (Each school has 50 gifts including: jackets, books, candies, milk) for pupils in extremely difficult circumstances.

Vietnamese community in Algeria celebrates Lunar New Year

The Embassy of Vietnam in Algeria hosted a get-together in Algiers for Vietnamese people who are residing, working and studying in the country to celebrate the Lunar New Year, on February 7.