(HBO) – Preserving traditional cultural values has formed the basic foundation for Dich Giao commune, a locality inhabited by Muong ethnic people and located in the centre of Muong Bi region, to successfully develop a standout new style rural area model in Tan Lac district.

11 teachers gets the prizes and 04 teachers is recognized in good teaching of national defense - security education for high school teachers.

(HBO) – During 4 days from 6th to 9th of December, the Department of Education and Training in coordination with the Provincial Military Command successfully organized the contest of excellent teachers of national defense-security education for high school teachers in 2017.

Yen Tri commune – a typical example of study encouragement in Yen Thuy

(HBO) After two years of 2015 – 2017, since Yen Tri commune study encouragement association (Yen Thuy) started operating officially, there have been over 1,400 members joining in 14 branches and 4 study encouragement boards of offices, schools, 6 clan study encouragement boards.

Tay Phong promotes fondness of learning

(HBO) – In 2012, there was no studious clan in Tay Phong commune, Cao Phong district, the northern mountainous province of Hoa Binh, and only four out of ten hamlets in the locality were recognised as a studious community. There are now four studious clans and ten hamlets registered for learning community. The number of studious families has also increased three fold compared with 2012.

Vietnamese and ethnic minority languages being taken care.

(HBO) – Being a province with 70% population of ethnic minority people, Hoa Binh Department of Education and Training pays special attention to teach Vietnamese and ethnic minority languages.

Lac Son District takes care of building family, clan and community of learning fondness.

(HBO)- In 2012, Lac Son district had 1,385 learning fondness families, 15 learning fondness clans and 67 learning fondness communities. But until 2017, the number has increased to 5,650 learning fondness families, 82 learning fondness clans and 293 learning fondness communities.

Tan Lac district works to improve local residents’ legal awareness

(HBO) – The enhancement of law dissemination, legal aid and reconciliation activities in Tan Lac district of Hoa Binh province has resulted in encouraging outcomes over the last years.

Hoa Binh’s Continuing Education Centre – 20 years of development

(HBO) – The Continuing Education Centre of Hoa Binh province was set up in 1997. Thanks to the support of the provincial People’s Committee and Department of Education and Training, the centre has overcome numerous difficulties to develop strongly. On the occasion of the centre’s 20th founding anniversary, Hoa Binh Newspaper’s reporter had an interview with director of the centre Le Nam Thanh.

Healthy, cultural village model built in Tam hamlet

(HBO) – When coming to Tam hamlet in Hung Thi commune, Lac Thuy district of the northern province of Hoa Binh, we were impressed with clean and beautiful landscape that stretches from the start to the end of the hamlet, with both sides of the road filled with lush green trees.

Woman with excellent tumor treatment method

(HBO) – Le Thi Luong, a retired teacher in Ha Son hamlet, Tu Son commune, Kim Boi district, northern Hoa Binh province, has been well known in the region for her ability to treat tumors. She is a member of the traditional medicine associations of Kim Boi district and Tu Son commune. Luong has also been licensed by the Hoa Binh traditional medicine association.

Hoa Binh’s armed forces: images create trust

(HBO) – Although the severe flood ended for a couple of days, we cannot forget eyes full of fears on the muddy face of Luong Van Quanh in Hieng hamlet, Dong Ruong commune, Da Bac district on flood days. However, his smiles returned after soldiers of the provincial armed forces stood side by side with him to overcome difficulties.

Improving role of Farmers’ Association chapters at all levels

(HBO) – Around 54,300 local farmers have so far accessed loans worth nearly 2 trillion VND via trust services between the Farmers’ Association chapters at all levels and banks and more than 20 billion VND from the Fund in Support of Farmers.

Da Bac district receives aid for flood-hit residents

(HBO) – Leaders of Da Bac district in the northern mountainous province of Hoa Binh have received aid from benefactors for overcoming natural disaster consequences at a ceremony in Hanoi.

City announces its smart city development plan

The Ho Chi Minh City authorities on November 26 rolled out a project to turn Vietnam’s largest southern economic hub into a smart city during the 2017-2020 period, with a vision to 2025.

Le Quy Don Secondary School - 45 years of developing education career.

(HBO) - In 1972, Le Quy Don Secondary School was established (its former was Phuong Lam Secondary School). Through many changes about its name, in the school year of 1997- 1998, it was named as Le Quy Don Secondary School and located in Group 28, Dong Tien ward, Hoa Binh city.

The effectiveness of training and fostering the ethnic minority languages

(HBO) - Based on the actual needs of many officials, staff, civil servants and armed force working in ethnic minority area without knowing their languages or understanding their cultural identities of Thai, Mong, Muong ethnics, the effectiveness of their work has been impacted a lot. Therefore, since 2010, the provincial center of continuing education officially opened training classes in Thai and Mong languages. After 7 years, the provincial center of continuing education has opened 19 training courses for about 1,243 learners. This makes an important contribution for the officials and staff to fulfill their tasks well in the ethnic minority areas.

Gaps remain in gender equality for ethnic minority women

Ethnic minority (EM) women and girls, numbering at an estimated 6.7 million people, are still a vulnerable group facing discrimination and dual inequality both in terms of ethnicity and gender derived from their environment. Therefore, the goal of ensuring gender equality for EM women and girls remains challenging.

Hoa Binh honours seven meritorious teachers

(HBO) – The Department of Education and Training of Hoa Binh province on November 20 held a ceremony awarding the title of "Meritorious Teacher” in the presence of Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Bui Van Cuu.

Insurer gives 800 gift packages to poor students in flood-hit Hoa Binh

(HBO) – Insurer Dai-ichi Life Vietnam on November 14 teamed up with Hoa Binh province’s Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs to present 800 gift packages to disadvantaged students in My Hoa commune of Kim Boi district and Trung Thanh commune of Da Bac district.

Keeping social order and security together with the citizens.

(HBO) - Tan Lac District has mobilized the combined strength of both the political system and the people classes to attend the movement of homeland security protection.

Quang Ninh approves Ha Long – Co To seaplane route

Chairman of the Quang Ninh province People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Long gave his approval for the proposal made by Hai Au Aviation to launch a seaplane flight route from Ha Long city to Co To Island.

Forum on future of education held in Hanoi

Nearly 150 foreign and domestic participants discussed education policies and the future of international education at the APEC Future Education Forum held on November 15 in Hanoi.

Women’s union of Hoa Binh launches “Green, clean, beautiful Saturday”

(HBO) – The women’s union of Hoa Binh province in collaboration with the People’s Committee of Tan Lac district has launched "Green, clean, beautiful Saturday”, aiming to build the "model family” and "model commune” campaign in 2017.

Ministry of Justice donates 150 million VND to Hoa Binh province

(HBO) – Minister of Justice Le Thanh Long has led a working delegation of the ministry to the northern mountainous province of Hoa Binh and presented 150 million VND to help the locality overcome consequences caused by unusual rains and floods.

The Military Command of Hoa Binh Province: Donating 70 million dongs to support people affected by the flood

(HBO) - At the Vietnam Fatherland Front Council of the Province, the Military Command donated money to the local people affected by the recent flood.