(HBO) - Mai Chau district has just organized the singing festival of the employees and the workers to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the establishment of Vietnam Trade Union (July 28, 1929 - July 28, 2019).

The dancing and singing performance "Keeping the Peach Season for You" of the group 5 of the local trade unions in Mai Chau district in the festival was highly appreciated by the Organizing Committee.

There were 9 groups of the trade union with 89 local trade unions Attending the festival. There were 30 unique singing and dancing performances, which were elaborately staged with the following themes: Praising the Glorious Party, the great Uncle Ho, the love for the homeland, the country; praising the nation's tradition of fighting for the establishment and preservation of the country in the cause of the national construction and defense; the beauty of land and Mai Chau people...

The festival is an opportunity for the officials and the employees in the district to exchange, learn and create the solidarity and unity. Thereby, it helps to encourage the movement of emulating production, striving to successfully complete the assigned tasks.

At the end of the festival, the organizers awarded 33 prizes to the participated teams.A prize was awarded to Group no.4 including 5 local trade unions; B prize was awarded to Group No. 1 consisting of 9 blocks of offices; C prize was awarded to Group no.9 including 22 high schools and secondary schools; secondary schools and high junior schools

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