(HBO) - In the evening of September 12, at the Cultural House of Hoa Binh City, the Provincial Elderly Association organized a night of cultural and arts exchanges with the theme "The participation of the elderly people in building new rural and civilized urban areas” in 2019. There were leaders from different departments and appropriate authorities of the province, the leaders from the People's Committees of the districts, the city and other levels of the Elderly Association in the province taking part in.

People" of the Elderly Association from Yen Thuy district is in the exchange night.

In the night of exchange, representing more than 103,000 members of the Elderly Association in the province, the amateur actors who are members of the elderly clubs and cultural and arts teams from 11 districts and the city have brought the audience 22 special cultural and artistic performances, which are imbued with the cultural identity of the ethnic groups and full of humanity meanings. The songs, dances, music, and skits not only follow the theme of  "The participation of the elderly people in building new rural and civilized urban areas” but they also leave a deep impression from the elderly with the dances and the songs praising the Party, Uncle Ho, the love for the homeland, the country, the contributions of all people in the cause of the national construction and the role of the elderly in the fields of social life.

The night of the cultural exchange is also a practical activity towards celebrating the International Day of the Elderly on October 1. At the same time, it has also contributed to arouse and consolidate the national pride for the officials and the elderly members with the young generation about the revolutionary tradition, the moral of drinking water, remembering the source of our nation. It has created the momentum for the strong and practical movement of the participation of the elderly people in building new rural and civilized urban areas.

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