(HBO) - Boi Cau Hamlet, Kim Boi Commune, Kim Bôi district, Hoa Binh province organized the great national unity day. Mr. Bui Van Cuu, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee attended.

People of Boi Cau hamlet perform arts to celebrate the great national unity day.

After reviewing the tradition of the Fatherland Front of Vietnam, Boi Cau hamlet has highlighted outstanding results in the campaign "All people unite to build new rural areas and civilized cities".

There are 387 households in Boi Cau hamlet with 2 people of Muong, Kinh live together, in which, Muong people account for 98%. 

In 2019, per capita income reached 32 million VND, poor households reduced to 7 households. 100%  children in school-age go to school. Cultural activities, sports regularly maintained. 72% households reach cultural families, 96% of sports households. Boi Cau is recognized by the District People's Committee as a cultural residential area.

Speaking at the festival, Mr. Bui Van Cuu, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee praised the results of Boi Cau hamlet. At the same time, he recommended that the hamlet continue to unite and build an increasingly developed residential area, preserve cultural identity and maintain a cultural residential area.

On this occasion, the Commune People's Committee awarded certificates of merit to 16 typical families in the campaign "All people unite to build new rural areas and civilized cities".

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