(HBO) - Cao Phong district has organized the propaganda festival in 2020. There were over 200 actors and propagandists of 10 teams from the communes and the town in the district participating in the festival. 

The performance in the festival of Nam Phong commune.

The teams took turns to take part in the following contests: the propaganda singing, the propaganda skits and the news photo exhibition. With the theme of propaganda to welcome the Party Congress at all levels, the teams brought over 30 unique dance and music repertoires to the festival. 

In particular, many repertoires elaborately invested by the teams have left a deep impression on the viewers. They are "The Lotus Aroma surrendering Uncle Ho” by Nam Phong commune, " The Glory of Vietnam” by Cao Phong town, "The Party is my life” by Bac Phong Commune, "The Party Gave Me Spring” by Dung Phong Commune, the news photo "Progressing under the Party’s flag” by Hop Phong commune, "Tay Phong communal party committee - The imprint of a term” by Tay Phong commune ...

At the end of the festival, the organizing committee awarded 8 A prizes, 12 B prizes, and 19 C prizes for outstanding performances in the content of the propaganda singing, the propaganda skits and the news photos.

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(HBO) - Mong girls have been preparing tutus that are carefully embroidered as if they were just for special occasions. Mong boys are dressed neatly, in square towels, and are carrying art horns. Boys and girls gather in groups, making fun and singing love songs until morning. Celebrating Independence Festival n Mong village is always exciting and bustling!

Director of Muong Cultural Space Museum honoured

(HBO) – Vu Duc Hieu, Director of the Muong Cultural Space Museum in Hoa Binh city, has won the 2020 Jeonju International Award for Promoting Intangible Cultural Heritage (JIAPICH).

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Hoa Binh works to effectively manage cultural, sport facilities

(HBO) - Hoa Binh’s culture and sport facilities, especially those at the grassroots level, have importantly contributed to meeting the needs for exchanging, exercising and entertaining of local people, and to building a healthy cultural life at the grassroots level.

Keeping Chuong dance of Dao ethnic people in Da Bac

(HBO) - If Muong ethnic people have Senh Tien dance, Thai and Tay ethnic people have Xoe dance, Mong ethnic people have Khan dancing… Dao ethnic people have Chuong dance. Currently, Dao ethnic people account for 13.71% of the population in Da Bac district.

Efforts made to develop healthy cultural environment

(HBO) - Over the past years, the culture, sports and tourism sector has made recommendations to the provincial administration in issuing directions, mechanisms and policies on the building of a healthy cultural environment, starting with the maintenance of the movement "All people unite in building a cultured lifestyle” in association with the new-style countryside and civilised city development.