(HBO) - In the morning of March 23rd, the People's Committee of Luong Son District held a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of Coi communal house in Tan Vinh commune.

The leaders from Luong Son district and Tan Vinh commune are breaking the ground to start the renovation of Coi communal house.

Coi communal House was built a long time ago. In 2013, the communal house was recognized as a provincial historical and cultural relics by the Provincial People's Committee. According to the historical documents, currently there are 8 ancient styles of the Coi communal house that are preserved, all of which are ordained of the Nguyen Dynasty, the earliest one is Duy Tan in the thirdt year (1909), the latest one is Khai Dinh in the 9th year (1924). Coi communal house worships the Triads of Tan Vien Son Thanh and Lady God, who governed the forests and mountains, also known as Ba Chua Thuong Ngan, and it is also a spiritual destination for the people to show the respect and remember those who have made the contributions to establishing the village and Muong, protecting the people from the natural disasters and the enemy sabotage and guiding the people to work.

In order to preserve and promote the value of Coi communal house relics, the People's Council and the People's Committee of Luong Son district have decided to invest, repair and embellish Coi communal house relics with a total investment of 59.79 billion VND from the State budget and the socialization resources. In which, 14.99 billion VND is from the State budget, accounting for 25.07%; 44.8 billion VND is from socialization resources, accounting for 74.93%.

Coi communal house is renovated and embellished on the area of the old communal house and there is an extension located in the premises of the headquarters of the People's Committee of Tan Vinh commune, with a total area of about 10,200 m2, and it is built in the style of the "internal construction in foreign countries”, including the following items: the foreign rituals (four pillars style), the internal rituals (three mandarins style); Ta Huu, Huu vu, Phuong Dinh, Dai Bai + harem and sub-fang communal house. The main structure is made of wood and stone.

Up to now, in addition to the State budget, the district has called for 3 main donors supporting about 44 billion VND. Specifically, Mr. Thich Dao Thinh, the abbot of Khai Nguyen Pagoda would sponsor the construction of Dai Bai house with a total ammount of about 18 billion VND; An Thinh Urban Development joint Stock Company would sponsor the construction of Ta Vu, Huu Vu... with a total of about 14 billion VND; Ms. Nguyen Thi Mai Lien from 24 Kien Hung, Ha Dong district (Hanoi), would sponsor the construction materials for the communal house with a total amount of about VND 12.8 billion. The project is expected to be built and completed in about 24 months.

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