(HBO) - Mo Muong is a great creation of the ethnic Muong people. Mo Muong comprises most of the values that make up Muong culture namely history, literature, society, art and belief It is a cultural heritage that clearly reflects the Muong people’s outlook on life and the world that needs to be cherished and preserved for future generations. Some people said that Mo Muong is a folk encyclopedia about the Muong that has not been fully studied and thoroughly understood.

Meritorious Artist Bui Van Minh who lives at Lac Son district’s Van Nghia commune at a ceremony to pray for good health.

Mo Muong involves stories that reflect history, explain things and phenomena in life as well as some beliefs and customs and languages of Muong- Ancient Viet.

It also contains the Muong folk belief system, including worshiping customs namely ancestor worship, trees of worship as well as buffalo and cow sacrifices.

Mo Muong, especially the epic one, reflects the life of the Muong people in the early days and the later stages of the Muong's history through folklore symbols.

There hasn’t been any thorough research on Mo Muong as well as the values it leaves for the Muong people today and in the future although a study on it began 100 years ago.

The value of folklore and education of Mo Muong is still intact in today's life. It is an educational oral textbook that contributes to nurturing the soul and personality of a simple life of the Muong people.

It is easy to recognize the historical value of Mo Muong as it helps the Muong people know about the origin of the ancient Vietnamese Muong ethnic group.

Regarding cultural protection values, due to Mo Muong, it is difficult for foreign religions to penetrate the Muong people despite living under French colonial rule for almost 100 years. Once Mo Muong disappears, the Muong people and its culture will lose the ability to defend against a foreign culture that is harmful to them.

As time goes by, thanks to the attention of the Party and State, and the participation of scientists, Mo Muong has been studied and revealed more human values. It is hopedthat those values will be brought back to life to contribute to the development of Hoa Binh province./.


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