(HBO) – A survey in northern Hoa Binh province, conducted by the Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs under the provincial People's Council in quarter I, 2022 has revealed the region is home to 786 intangible cultural heritage elements.

Two elements, in particular, have been recognized as national intangible cultural heritages, namely Mo Muong and Muong gong cultures of the region.

 Conducting survey of Mo Muong heritage.

The survey showed that five types of traditional arts in Hoa Binh are falling out of practice, leaving them on verge of oblivion. The Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs under the provincial People's Council stated the provincial People's Committee direct the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to coordinate research, advise and submit a draft resolution to the Provincial People's Council on the preserving the culture of ethnic minorities in the province. The plan should focus on preserving the language and writing for the next generation, it said. 

The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism stated it would coordinate with the Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs to implement the project "Preserving and promoting traditional values of ethnic minorities and tourism development". At the same time, it suggested to open training courses on preserving culture for cadres and civil servants at all levels and village elders in the community./.

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