(HBO) – Last year, the Party Committee, administration and people of Lac Son district in Hoa Binh province were honoured with a third-class Labour Order by President Nguyen Xuan Phuc in recognition for their efforts in the implementation of "All people unite to build the cultural life” movement in the 2000- 2020 period.

Women in Lac Son district’s Nhan Nghia commune preserve their cultural identities and join in an emulation campiagn to improve labour productivity, contributing to promoting the movement on building the cultural life.

Bui Van Linh, Chairman of the Lac Son District People's Committee, said over the past 20 years, tasks relating to socio-economic development, national defence and security in the locality have been fulfilled thanks to the leadership of Party Committees and authorities at all levels, effective coordination of the Fatherland Front and unions and the determination of all people. This achievement has had a positive impact on mass movements, especially the "All people unite to build the cultural life” movement which has been associated with the new-style rural area building programme, helping to improve the material and spiritual lives of local residents as well as ensuring social security and order.

There have been effective models in which people can help each other to boost economic development and reduce poverty through mass organisations such as women’s unions, farmers and veterans associations.

With investment sourced from the central government, localities and contributions from locals, many roads and canals have been concretised. Between 2,000 and 2,500 jobs are generated every year thanks to poverty alleviation projects such as Programme 135. The average income per capital reached 50.1 million VND (2,120 USD) last year.

The "All people unite in building the cultural life” movement has expanded in all villages and residential areas both in quantity and quality.

In 2021, up to 89% of villages, hamlets and residential areas were recognised as "cultural villages, hamlets and residential areas” compared to 10% in 2000. Nearly 99% of agencies, units, enterprises and schools achieved the "Cultural agency, unit and enterprise" title. The "All people take exercise following the example of great Uncle Ho" movement was also promoted at the same time.

The number of people playing sports or joining in physical exercise regularly has reached over 45,000 people and 70 sports clubs have been established.

People have observed the civilised lifestyle at weddings, funerals and festivals. The district has restored nine traditional festivals, meeting the people's aspirations.

The movement also contributes to promoting socio-economic development, building and developing a culture that is imbued with national identities as well as forming a progressive cultural lifestyle while maintaining social security order. The number of households that achieve the title of the cultural family is increasing, reaching 87% in 2021./.

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