(HBO) - As a new street sport having been introduced to Vietnam in recent years, Freestyle Football seems to be quite strange to the young people in Hoa Binh province. Nguyen Thanh Ton, Group 7, Tan Hoa Ward (Hoa Binh City) - a guy born in 1996 who has a passion for the ball has bravely brought this new sport to the young people in Hoa Binh City.

Nguyen Thanh Ton, group 7, Tan Hoa ward (Hoa Binh city) is performing Freestyle Football at the Youth Football Championship of Hoa Binh City in 2019.

Freestyle Football requires the rhythmic combination of the body’s parts such as head, shoulders, neck, arms, legs ... thereby the ball is balanced with the emotion, the passion and the creation.

To play the ball well with difficult and beautiful movements, it requires that the players have to train from 3-5 years. Being acquainted with Freestyle Football since 2013, now Nguyen Thanh Ton is a leader in practicing Freestyle Football in Hoa Binh. In 2019, Ton participated in Vietnam Art Football Tournament "Ford Freestyle Football Championship 2019". With all of his efforts, Ton has excelled in the top of 16 of the competition.

To play and practice Freestyle Football, players should be not only passionate but also perseverant, they even have to know a little about hip hop dancing. The movements from the basic to the advanced ones: spinning the ball on the tip of the finger, keeping the ball balanced on the top of the head, on the back, planting banana tree to hold the ball... 

Besides, players also need to remember some rules. For example, when performing a ball’s balancing motion with the head, the player must pay attention to keep the balance so that the ball and the head are a point and always follow the ball, or the movement to keep the ball behind the back, the eye must always look forward, 90 degrees perpendicular to the ground, the neck must always look up to the back so that the neck can have a point to keep the ball ... According to Ton, initially these movements seemed to be very difficult but after a pure training time, the players can freely create their own style movements.

In the process of practicing, like many other sports, Ton has encountered injuries such as sprains, wrong joints in the legs, back pain, limb bruises and so on but Nguyen Thanh Ton was discouraged because of these.

Over the past years, with the intense fire passion, Ton has accompanied with the ball to perform Freestyle Football in Taiwan streets, Hanoi pedestrian streets and Hoa Binh city ...

In the coming time, Nguyen Thanh Ton wishes to organize many Freestyle Football classes for the young people and the teenagers, helping to make this sport more and more popular among Hoa Binh youths.


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