(HBO) - Over the past few years, the sports in our province have had many positive changes. Every year, the Party Committees and local authorities organize many sports tournaments of different levels from the communes, the wards and the towns to the district and the province. They include football for 7 people, marathon, volleyball, swimming and so on. 

Currently, the athletes and the students of the Provincial Gifted, Training and Sports School are actively training and getting ready to compete in the provincial, the national and the regional sports competitions that will be held in the coming time.

Through the sports tournaments at the grassroots facilities, schools, the Training Board of the Provincial Gifted, Training and Sports school has selected the promising prospects being trained at the gifted classes and the selected sports team of the province.

According to the statistics of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, in 2019, there were more than 570 sports competitions at different levels, attracting nearly 100,000 athletes. Every year, the localities organize from 3-4 sports tournament at the commune’s level and some at the district’s level. The units and the localities have trained and fostered 451 sports collaborators. The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has always been interested in creating conditions for the officers and civil servants to participate in training and retraining courses to improve the professional qualifications in sports and physical training. Nine districts and the city has opened the training courses on the professional training for the sports instructors and collaborators for the officials of the districts and the communes, the wards and the townships to improve the professional qualifications and the organizational quality.

The athletes participating in the competitions are individuals carefully selected by the local authorities and they have the outstanding achievements compared to the common ground of the athletes participating in the sports tournaments. In fact, some young athletes with the impressive results at the national and the regional sports events have been discovered and selected from some grassroots sports tournaments. For example, Mr. Bui Van Nhat, the terrain bike competitor has been quite successfully at the National Junior Mountain Bike Championship and the National Terrain Bike Tournament in 2019.

In the school year of 2019-2020, the Provincial Gifted, Training and Sports School has trained 95 students in 7 sport gifted classes. They have organized 2 rounds of enrollment. In the first round 17 students have been recruited, and in the second round 22 students have been recruited. The total number of students admitted was 39/44 students (reaching 88.6% of the enrollment targets).

Additionally, it is dependable on the education system and schools in the province to have the potential and young athletes. When having good seeds, and going through training, fostering and practising, they will be equipped with expertise, knowledge and skills, contributing to building a strong force of adjacent athletes for the provincial sports.



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