(HBO) - Currently, in Hien Luong commune (Da Bac), there are nearly 600 youth union members and teenagers. The movement of practicing, exchanging and playing sports among the youth union members and teenagers is flourishing with many diverse, practical and meaningful activities. The sports tournaments are always attracted the participation of many youth union members and teenagers and receive the enthusiastic response from the parents and the local people.

The pioneers in Hien Luong commune (Da Bac) are participating in the exchange of the folk games to celebrate the International Children's Day 1 June 2020.

Every year, the Communist Youth Union of the commune often organizes from 2 to 3 sports tournaments and from 6 to 7 sport exchange activities for the children to have a useful and healthy outdoor playground, running away from the electronic games and Internet. Each sport contributes to the comprehensive development for the children. Football not only helps with physical training but also it enhances the teamwork spirit, the discipline and the solidarity. The folk games contain the cultural beauty and educate the traditional ethnic values ...

On the occasion of celebrating the country’s big holidays, the commune often organizes the playgrounds to create the opportunities for youth union members and teenagers to show their sports talents. On the occasion of the International Children's Day, 1 June, besides a number of the cultural and art exchange activities, Hien Luong Communist Youth Union also organized a football tournament and the exchange of the folk games. The sports activities have attracted more than 70 children, youth union members and teenagers from Mai, Ngu and Mo Youth Communist groups. 

Besides, the folk games, the ethnic sports or some songs and collective dances have been maintained to create a joyful and exciting atmosphere in every summer activity. The practical activities, which are regularly renovated and diversified in both the content and the form, have helped the youth union members and the teenagers in the commune develop comprehensively, contributing to developing life skills and forming personality so that they can become good children, good students and useful citizens for the society.

In order to meeting the needs of entertainment and recreation in the summer for the youth union members and teenagers, the Youth Communist Union of the commune will actively organize many activities integrated with the exchanges and sports competitions to create a useful, meaningful and interesting playground for the children. The commune has always been paying attention to these activities. Thereby, it helps the children develop physically, improve health, foster and educate good values, repel the social evils, being towards the positive, healthy and civilized life.




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