(HBO) - In 2020, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism continues promoting the campaign "Every person exercises their bodies following the great example of Uncle Ho”, improving the quality of the movement of mass sports.


The Youth Communist Union of Cao Phong district has organized a football exchange between the officials and the youth union members to celebrate National Day September 2, 2020.

In the first 6 months of the year, the districts, the city and the communes have held 114 sports tournaments, attracting the participation of nearly 10,000, and they have been enthusiastically responded by the people. The awareness of practicing physical exercises to improve the health has increasingly improved. In 2019, the number of people who regularly practiced physical exercises reached 32.2%, and the number of sports households reached 24.5%.

The department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has strengthened the coordination with the appropriate departments and authorities of the province and People's Committees of the districts and the city to mobilize organizations and businesses to actively invest in building facilities and finance funding for the sports activities from the province to the grassroots levels. There is a total of 29 sports facilities with stands, including stadiums, gymnasiums and professional sports fields in the whole province ad there are 1,503 sports facilities without stands. 

The cultural and sports institutions, and the equipment have partially met the needs of the people’s regular sports practice. In addition, the physical training movement in schools has also been focused on. 100% of the schools have ensured the physical education program, 100% of the pupils and the students have implemented the formal physical education program and 76% of the rate of the pupils and the students have been participating in the extracurricular physical training and sports. The physical training and sports in the armed forces has regularly maintained for a large number of cadres and soldiers, attracting 95% of the soldiers to practice physical exercises regularly, and 98% of the officers and the soldiers have met the standards of physical training.

Mr. Dao Tien Cuong, the Deputy Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, says: "Over the past time, the movement of mass sports has grown and spread throughout the province. Thereby, it has been encouraging the local people to actively participate in physical training exercises, forming the healthy habits and lifestyles, training health and building a cultural life and solidarity in the residential communities… ”.


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Paying great importance to developing the movement of mass physical training and sports

(HBO) - Over the past years, in addition to the economic, cultural and social development, our province has also paid attention to developing the movement of mass physical training and sports, contributing to the physical training, strengthening the health and improving the cultural and spiritual life for the people.

155 athletes have participated in the 27th traditional marathon of Luong Son district in 2020

(HBO) - On October 10, Luong Son district held the launching ceremony of Olympic running day for the whole people's health and the 27th traditional Vietnamese marathon of Luong Son district in 2020.

The Provincial Volleyball Championship in 2020

(HBO) - The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism held the Provincial Volleyball Championship in 2020, celebrating the success of the 17th Provincial Party Congress, term 2020 - 2025, towards the 13th National Congress of the Party.

Preserving and developing the national sports

(HBO) - According to the review of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, in 2019, there were 805 sports clubs at the grassroot level in the whole province. They include 64 stick pushing clubs, 60 shooting crossbow clubs and hundreds of the ethnic sports teams of the hamlets and residential areas. Tan Lac district is one of the bright spots in the movement of the national sports of the province.

High-achievement sports has been developing young talents

(HBO) - 2019 has been considered a pretty brilliant year for the province's high-achievement sports. More than 160 athletes competed in 18 regional and national sports tournaments, winning 81 medals, including 31 gold medals, 22 silver medals, 28 bronze medals.

More than 100 athletes have participated in the 13th Traditional Farmers’ Volleyball Tournament in 2020

(HBO) - The provincial Farmers’ Union and the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism have cooperated to organize the 13th Traditional Farmers’ Volleyball Tournament in 2020.