(HBO) - Over the past years, in addition to the economic, cultural and social development, our province has also paid attention to developing the movement of mass physical training and sports, contributing to the physical training, strengthening the health and improving the cultural and spiritual life for the people.

The athletes are participating in the Volleyball Tournament for the Farmer.

Up to now, sports and physical training activities have become the essential needs of the majority of the people in the province, attracting all classes, genders and ages to excitedly participate. In addition to developing the modern sports such as volleyball, badminton, table tennis, football ... the national sports such as crossbow shooting, tug of war, and stick pushing have always been preserved, conserved and promoted by the localities. Every day, in the morning or afternoon, the image of people actively participating in sport activities are caught at the cultural house yards or sports fields of the villages, communes, residential groups ... everywhere.

There are sports teams and clubs in every commune, ward .... According to a review of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, in 2019, in our province there are 805 sports clubs at the grassroot levels. Additionally, the province's system of the cultural and sports institutions has been paid attention to invest in building, repairing and gradually promoting the efficiency. In 2019, in our province there were 29 sports facilities with stands and more than 1,500 sports facilities without stands.

Currently, the movement of mass sports is spreading widely to the localities in the province, attracting all classes of people with diverse ages to participate. Thereby, the people's health, physical condition and cultural and spiritual life have been strengthened and improved, joining hands to repel social evils, and building a cultural life in the residential area.

In the coming time, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism together with the districts and the city will strengthen the leadership and the direction, and will create all favorable conditions for the people to actively participate in regular physical training and sports. Along with that is the promotion of the campaign "All the people train their bodies following the example of great Uncle Ho”, maintaining the organization of traditional sports tournaments of the province. The leaders from the departments will continue to direct the localities to complete the plan of 2020 and will advise the provincial leaders on the investment in the infrastructure.

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The steam volleyball tournament for the elderly in Kim Boi district in 2020

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The exciting sports movement in the highland commune of Van Son

(HBO) - The seven-person football championship of Van Son commune (Tan Lac) was held in the middle of last September. The stadium is always full of the spectators to cheer and witness fierce and attractive matches. The mass sports movement has really created a wide spread in the residential community, making the people closer together. Thereby, it has been promoting the movement of training the body to follow the example of the great Uncle Ho, which has been creating a joyful and exciting atmosphere and successfully completing the tasks and goals.