(HBO) - Carrying out the campaign "Everybody do exercises following the great example of Uncle Ho example”, the movement of mas sports in Thach Yen commune (Cao Phong) has been exciting with many rich and diverse activities, attracting people of all ages to actively participate in daily practice. Thereby, it has been contributing to improving the cultural and spiritual life, increasing solidarity among the people, and creating a vibrant emulation atmosphere to successfully complete the tasks and goals of the local socio-economic development.

The people in Moi hamlet, Thach Yen commune (Cao Phong) has been maintaining the practice of soft volleyball.

Mr. Bui Van Quyen from Pheo helmet says: "Every day, we also practice hard volleyball. This is a sport requiring teamwork’s spirit, however, everyone can play it and we do not have to spend a lot of money on it. Therefore, it has been attracting a lot of people in the area to practice every day. This useful playground has helped the commune to discover and select the talented athletes to foster and then to participate in the competitions of the district. In recent years, volleyball has been considered a key local sport and we always win high prizes in competitions”.

Currently, the movement of mass sports in the area has formed a habit, creating a routine. Accordingly, the volleyball, football, badminton ... have been attracting a large number of people to participate in the late afternoon every weekday. The main force is the youth union members, the women and the elderly. 12 hamlets in the area have set up the operating regulations for sports teams, groups and clubs. In addition, the people have been paying attention to the ethnic sports to conserve and preserve the national cultural identity. At the same time, it helps create a source of the next class of athletes to participate in the tournaments of the lunar New Year.

After merging, there are 5,120 people, over 1,162 households living in 12 hamlets in Thach Yen commune. In the past time, the communal Party committee and the authorities have implemented many solutions to promote the development of mass sports movement. In particular, the commune has focused on completing the cultural institutions for sports at the grassroots level. The land for the centers of the hamlets and commune to build sports grounds and cultural houses has been planned. Currently, the project of the communal stadium with an area of 1.3 ha and the total investment capital of 4 billion VND is about to be put into use in January 2021. According to the review, there are 2 badminton courts, 12 volleyball courts in the whole commune, however, only 4 courts have met the hardened standards, the rest are the land courts.

In order to promote the development of mass sports movement, the commune has directed the appropriate departments, branches and unions to increase advisory, maintain 2-3 sports tournaments each year. It is necessary to regularly organize the competitions in the villages, communes and surrounding areas, creating a useful playground to improve professional qualifications.


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