(HBO) - In the morning of May 16th, excellently competing in the Olympic women's cross-country event in the terrain cycling event, Dinh Thi Nhu Quynh - the girl of Muong area in Hoa Binh "opened the door” for the gold medal for Vietnamese cycling team at 31st SEA Games. This is not Quynh's first gold medal in the SEA Games arena, however, it brings the special emotions, because this is Quynh's first gold medal won in the homeland. The joy of victory is more complete and happier when there is the enthusiastic congratulation of the relatives and Hoa Binh's fans.

The happiness when winning the gold medal at 31st SEA Games of Dinh Thi Nhu Quynh is multiplied by the sharing of the beloved relatives, including the beloved mother. 

As the first person to reach the finish line, Dinh Thi Nhu Quynh received the warm support of a large number of fans gathering in the finishing area. The joy exploded in the loud applause, the pounding drums mixed with a pounding heart, the exciting cheering mixed with chants: Dinh Thi Nhu Quynh!!!… Dinh Thi Nhu Quynh!! !... 

There was profuse sweat on her face, drenched in a red shirt with the Vietnamese flag imprinted with two words Viet Nam, next to a dirt bike clinging to the dirt and mud that accompanied her throughout the race, Dinh Thi Nhu Quynh happily said: "This is the first SEA Games I can compete in the homeland of Hoa Binh, so the gold medal has a very special meaning for me. Today's happiness is very complete because my family is by my side to support, especially my little son, he is here today to support me. I want to give my son today's joy…”. 

Quynh's family from Lo Son commune (Tan Lac) also went to the area of the terrain cycling competition to "fuel” the spirit of the athletes including Quynh - the pride of the whole family. Quynh’s mother, Mrs. Ha Thi Luan happily clasped her daughter's hand, and she didn't know what to say because she was too emotional and choked, and her sister, Ms. Dinh Thi Nga burst into tears of joy: "Mom, my little sister was able to do it!! !...”. 

Ms. Dinh Thi Nga said that the relatives rented a 24-seater coach to go from Tan Lac to Hoa Binh city to cheer for Quynh’s competition. During the competition, everyone nervously watched each race track and excitedly cheered right from the first stage of the first lap, Quynh broke into the lead, then she maintained her position throughout the race over 15 km, and then she went straight to the finish line in the cheers of thousands of fans. Cheering for her sister for the first time, Ms. Nga was extremely touched, happy and proud when her little sister was the first to finish with a record of 1 hour 18 minutes and 6 seconds”. 

The gold medal for the women's Olympic cross-country cycling event is the third one won by Dinh Thi Nhu Quynh at the SEA Games arena. In the sports career, at the age of 19, the "golden athlete” of Muong ethnic people in Hoa Binh once won in 26th SEA Games (in 2011) in Indonesia. Then, in the 30th SEA Games (in 2019) held in the Philippines, Dinh Thi Nhu Quynh also won the gold medal in the cross-country cycling event of the women's terrain cycling, "opening the door” for the gold medal for Vietnamese sports team. 

Dinh Thi Nhu Quynh was born in 1992, and she has been engaged in cycling for over 13 years so far. Having a strong passion for sports from a young age, when she was a tenth-grade student, the Provincial School for the Gifted, Training and Sports Competition had an enrollment round in Tan Lac district, Nhu Quynh boldly signed up. Thanks to her good qualities in the field of terrain cycling, Nhu Quynh has become one of the top climbers of Vietnamese women's team for terrain cycling. The small girl full of energy and determination has made others admire with a series of proud sports achievements. And today, that pride continues to be lit with a gold medal at the 31st SEA Games. The moment the glory of Vietnam's national flag was raised, Dinh Thi Nhu Quynh stepped on the podium to receive the award, the emotional feelings and pride filled the heart. Once again, the excellent girl of Hoa Binh made a miracle in the prestigious arena of the region, making a prominent contribution to the overall achievement of Vietnamese sports delegation at the 31st SEA Games.



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