(HBO) By the end of May, Tan Lac district had completed organizing the sports congress at the grassroots level ensuring the schedule, focusing on preparing the conditions to be ready for the VII sports congress at the distrcit’s level in August.

On May 31, Thanh Hoi commune successfully organized the Communal Sports Congress at 2022. This is also the last locality of the district to complete the organization of the Sports Congress at the grassroots level. Mr. Dinh Son Tung, the Head of the District’s Department of Culture and Sports said: In order to well organize the Communal Sports Congress, towards the 7th District’s Sports Congress in 2022, the Organizing Committee of the District’s Sports Congress has selected Phong Phu commune as a model congress so that other communes can learn from the experience and ensure the effective implementation. Right after Phong Phu commune finished the sports congress at the grassroots level, other communes and the town in the district simultaneously held the sports congresses, and Thanh Hoi commune was the last unit to organize it by the end of May. With the close direction of the District’s People's Committee, the attention and direction of the Party Committee, the government, the enthusiastic participation of the People, the communes and the town have successfully organized the opening ceremony and the contents of the Sports Congress at the grassroots level. 

The congress at the grassroots level is held ensuring the sufficient contents, the correct process, safety, efficiency, rich and attractive format, which is suitable to the conditions of each locality. The competitive sports and the participating athletes increased both in quantity and quality compared to that of the previous congresses. On average, each commune organized from more than 5 sports, of which there are 3 ethnic sports including tug of war, crossbow shooting, stick pushing... The congress at the grassroots level attracted over 9,000 athletes and tens of thousands of people watching and cheering, creating an exciting and attractive atmosphere, creating the solidarity and sticking people of all ethnic groups in the region. Thanks to the good propaganda, the congress took place successfully, the competitive activities were lively, exciting and they were of high quality. This was really a festival showing the strength of the community, attracting a large number of people from all walks of life and it was also an opportunity to arouse the spirit of enthusiastically practicing sports among the people of all walks of life, continuing to promote the movement "All people do exercises following the great example of Uncle Ho”. 

In parallel with the organization of sports congresses in the communes and the town, the Organizing Committee of the District’s Sports Congress directed the Department of Culture and Sports, the District’s Center for Culture, Sports and Sports to organize a number of competitions in the program right from the beginning of the year. District Sports Congress. Mr. Bui Van Vien, the Deputy Director of the District’s Center for Culture, Sports and Information said: From the early June, the district has organized 7 sports, including volleyball, badminton, table tennis, chess, Chinese chess, marathon and swimming. From June 14 to 17, the district organizes a football game. The remaining ones are the athletics, crossbow shooting, tug of war, and stick pushing, which are expected to be completed before August. In which, it is expected that the athletics and the final football match will be played at the opening ceremony of the District’s 7th Sports Congress. Currently, we are rushing to prepare all conditions for the facilities and the equipment such as flags, palanquins, costumes, clothes, etc. to be ready for the district’s congress to ensure the size and the scale in a safe and successful way. At the same time, we can select the typical athlete force, establishing a team, and organizing training to be ready to compete with high achievements at the 7th Provincial Sports Congress in 2022.

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