(HBO) - It can be said that the year of 2022 has left many proud marks for Hoa Binh sport, as our province not only hosted a number of major sporting events such as the 31st Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 31), the 9th National Sports Congress; organizing the 7th Provincial Sports Congress, but we also participated in the regional and national sports competitions, winning the impressive achievements... "Presenting” the outstanding faces, the sports fans in the province are placing high expectations on the talented athletes who will bring glory to the homeland.

The athlete, Dinh Van Linh, is currently a male cyclist with the top achivement and performance of Vietnamese terrain cycling races.

Affirming the position of terrain cycling

In recent years, Hoa Binh has gradually asserted its strength in terrain cycling. Although there are still many difficulties and limitations in terms of facilities and training equipment, the remarkable achievements that the riders have achieved in the past time have contributed to affirming the interest and investment in the right direction of the province.

At the 31st SEA Games program, Vietnamese cycling team excellently won 4 gold medals and 2 silver medals in the individual and team events, exceeding the set target. In which, two athletes from the province, Dinh Van Linh and Bui Van Nhat, contributed to winning the silver medal in the mixed cross-country relay event of the terrain cycling.

At the 9th National Sports Congress, the terrain cycling team of Hoa Bing province was united, determined and tried their best. As a result, they won 3 gold medals and 1 silver one, exceeding the assigned target, ranked the 2nd place for the whole team. These achievements have partly affirmed the position of Hoa Binh terrain cycling in the national sports arena.

Dinh Van Linh, Bui Van Nhat, Bui Van Hieu are a trio of riders who have accompanied each other to compete in many national tournaments and won impressive achievements. Dinh Van Linh – the male racer with the top achievements and performance of Vietnamese terrain cycling, was born in 1996 in Van Son commune (Tan Lac). Bui Van Nhat, a racer, born in 2001 in Quyet Thang commune (Lac Son), has had a predestined relationship with the professional sports from the age of 11, he pursued athletics for 5 years, and until the end of 2017 he officially joined the terrain cycling team. As a peer with Bui Van Nhat, the athlete, Bui Van Hieu, born in 2001 in Lac Luong commune (Yen Thuy) is also maximizing his capacity, forte and strength, contributing to the success of Hoa Binh high-achievement sports. Among the athletes who won the medals at the last Games, Ha Cong Ky, born in 1998 in Van Son commune (Tan Lac), is also a familiar face, having won a medal at the previous National Sports congress.

The racer, Bui Van Nhat, says: "In order to get the current achievements, the whole team and I always have to work hard and overcome many difficulties and obstacles in practice and competition. Having encountered injuries and also failures, however, the attention from the coach, the fans, the encouragement from the family are the motivation for us to try, đeicate talenys and youth to glorify the homeland.

Success comes from unity

At the 9th National Sports congress, Hoa Binh competed in 7 out of the 43 sports within the framework of the games. In addition to the brilliant achievements of the terrain cycling sport, the tug of war team also competed quite successfully, winning 1 gold and 3 silver medals, exceeding the set target. This achievement has contributed to helping the sports delegation of Hoa Binh province rank 42nd place out of the 65 provinces, cities and sectors in the country, and 5th place out of the 19 participating mountainous provinces.

Comparing with some other provinces and cities, the ethnic sports such as crossbow shooting, tug of war, stick pushing are considered the strengths of the province. This is evidenced by the fact that Hoa Binh always wins high rankings when participating in the ethnic sports tournaments and competitions. Typically: at the 12th National Sports Competition for the Ethnic Minorities, we won 4 gold medals, 6 silver medals, 8 bronze medals, ranked 3rd out of the 17 participating delegations; At the 15th Festival of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Ethnic Minorities in the Northwest region, in 2022, we won 11 gold medals, 7 silver medals, 4 bronze medals, and we excellently won first place in the entire delegation of traditional ethnic sports...

The force of Hoa Binh tug of war team competing at the IX National Sports congress included 2 coaches and 18 athletes. The athletes include Bui Thi Niem, Bui Thi Ngoan, Bui Thi Sanh, Bui Thi Them, Bui Thi Dich, Bui Thi Tap, Bui Thi Sam, Bui Van Giap, Bui Van Nam (Kim Boi); Bui Thi Ai (Da Bac); Bui Thi Thu, Dinh Van Ban, Dinh Van Luong, Dinh Thanh Van, Dinh Van Ban, Bui Van Thinh (Tan Lac); Tran Anh Tuan, Luong Xuan Khanh (Hoa Binh City). These are all the outstanding athletes in the local mass sport movements or they have good performance at the 7th Provincial Sports Congress. Having to face many strong opponents from the the provinces and cities, setting up a team with the best athletes is carefully selected by the sports employees. Solidarity, training efforts with high intensity, competing with the highest spirit of determination, 4 medals are the worthy achievements that Hoa Binh tug of war team has.

Taekwondo - flourishes with expectations

Another tournament in 2022 that Vietnamese team successfully competed in is the 15th Southeast Asian Taekwondo Championship. Bringing together the region's top athletes, the atheletes of Vietnamese Taekwondo team have won 67 gold medals, 62 silver medals, 17 bronze medals, winning first place for the whole team. In which, the athletes from Hoa Binh province contributed 1 silver medal (Dinh Cong Diep) and 2 bronze medals (Nguyen Hoang Bao, Bui Thi Hong Loan). The first time participating in a Southeast Asian level arena, all of them are young faces in both age and profession, so this is a valuable opportunity for the athletes in our province to rub, learn, and hone their skills, improve expertise, overcome limitations, promote strengths and forte.

Born in 2008, Dinh Cong Diep (Da Bac), Nguyen Hoang Bao (Luong Son), Bui Thi Hong Loan (Lac Son) only attached to Taekwondo for about 3-4 years, however,  the outstanding achievements won promises that this is the generation that will create a great development for Hoa Binh Taekwondo.

The coach, Hoang Minh Tuan, from the Provincial School of Gifted for Training and Sports Competition says: "Over the past time, the trio of the athletes, Dinh Cong Diep, Nguyen Hoang Bao, Bui Thi Hong Loan have always been persistent and diligent in training, showing the great qualities, the prospects and efforts. Hopefully, with the proper attention, investment, and training, they will keep the fire of passion, constantly improve themselves, create new breakthrough, determined to reach the peak of glory in the future, bringing Hoa Binh sports to new heights”.

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