(HBO) - The movement of folk-dance is a cultural and artistic activity, whch is loved and practiced by women. The movement has been widely spreading, creating a vibrant and useful playground, improving health, bringing joy and vitality to the women of all ages from urban to rural and remote areas in the province.

The members of the Women’s Union in Dan Chu Ward (Hoa Binh City) are exchange folk dances to respond to "The Week of Ao Dai”. 

Every evening, the members of the folk dance club of group 8 in Tan Hoa ward (Hoa Binh city) have been gathering at the group’s cultural house to practice for 3 years now. When the music plays, all the fatigue of the day disappears, leaving only the enthusiasm of dancing according to the music with the skillful and uniform steps. Most of the club's members are the elderly women. Ms. Bui Thi Mo says: "After retiring, I just stay at home, taking care of the grandchildren, cleaning, cooking... sometimes I felt sluggish and tired. I feel comfortable and joyful, and my health has also improved since I took part in the club”. 

Ms. Nguyen Lan Phuong, the Head of Women's Union, the Chairwoman of the Folk Dance Club of group 8 in Tan Hoa Ward says: At first, dancing was quite unfamiliar to most of the women. Gathering the women to join the club and practice was very difficult at first. However, after a few practice sessions, they were interested and actively propagated and called for more members to participate. The club members themselves have learnt from youtube and then they have guided each other. Persevering in learning each dance step and then pairing music, the club has had the impressive performances in the cultural festivals and exchanges of the group and the ward. 

Ms. Pham Thi Phuong, Chairwoman of Hoa Binh City’s Women's Union says: From 2022, the Central Committee of Vietnam Women's Union has launched an online folk dance competition among female officers and members nationwide with the desire that every woman must be young, healthy and beautiful. After the contest, the movement has spread widely in the union’s facilities. In the first quarter of 2023, the union’s facilities established and launched nearly 30 clubs of arts, folk dance and sports, and dance clubs with nearly 1,000 members. Notably, the City Women's Union organized a folk-dance exchange and the activities in response to "The Week of Ao Dai”. There was the participation of 20 clubs from the Women’s Unions of the communes, the wards and the City’s Public Security. The program has created a joyful and exciting atmosphere among the union members and local people.

The videos of women's folk dances in the traditional Muong dress by the women’s union’s members of Lac Son district from the town to the remote and highland communes have left a special impression. Ms. Bui Thi Ngoi, the Chairwoman of Lac Son Women's Union shares: In 2022, the district’s Women's Union organized an online "Dance and sport” contest at the district’s level. There was the participation of 25 out of the 25 communes, the town and the appropriate authorities, attracting the observation of more than 7,000 followers. Through the contest, two teams were selected to participate in the folk-dance competition named "Healthy and beautiful dance” organized by the Provincial Women's Union. Along with that, the district has launched 2 "Dance and sport” clubs with the participation of 41 women; organizing a folk-dance night in Yen Nghiep commune with the participation of 12 teams… Up to now, the folk-dance movement has been widely spreading and it has become an indispensable spiritual "food” of the union’s women. 

Ms. Hoang Thi Duyen, the Chairwoman of the Provincial Women's Union, says: Folk dance has been widely spreading, creating a new wind for the movement of physical training and sports among the officials and union’s women throughout the province. Every day, the women spend a little time for themselves to exercise to be healthy and beautiful, and well implement the movement "Each woman chooses an appropriate sport to practice everyday”.

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