(HBO) - Two matches at the home stadium of Hoa Binh Football Club (Hoa Binh FC) at the National First Division Football Championship in 2023, besides the players' best spirit of competition, which made an impression in each match, there is also the passionate, civilized and friendly cheering of the fans of Hoa Binh football. The most prominent of which is the fan club of Hoa Binh football.

Recently, the fan club of Hoa Binh Football has organized many activities to cheer for Hoa Binh FC.

In the two encounters against PVF-CAND and Binh Phuoc football club that took place at the Provincial Stadium recently, as noted by the reporters, each match attracted the early participation of thousands of fans at the stadium to cheering, "fueling” the team's spirit. The images of the fans in yellow shirts with the team's logo: Northwest Pride”, banners and slogans displayed in the stands mixed with the sound of drums, the cheers "Hoa Binh, try your best” have created an extremely vibrant and bustling atmosphere on the "fire pan” of Hoa Binh.

In an interview at the press conference after each match, the head coatch of Hoa Binh FC, Mr. Nghiem Xuan Manh, sent his sincere and deepest thanks to the fans of Hoa Binh football for always accompanying, encouraging and giving lots of love to the team. The support and companionship of the fans of the province is a great source of spiritual encouragement for each player and the team's coaching staff.

Hoa Binh Football Fan Club belongs to Hoa Binh Football Federation, officially established at the end of March 2023. In spite of the "late birth”, the spirit of enthusiastic, dedicated, professional, civilized cheering has been creating a strong motivation for Hoa Binh FC's warriors to play sublimely and achieve good results, which is always the thing the club is looking forward to. So far, the club has gathered nearly 50 members from the districts and the city in the province and they have established a number of branches in the wards and communes of the city. Despite the differences in profession, living place, each person is busy with work, life, family, the passion for the ball, the love for the homeland of Hoa Binh is the rope that binds them together. Thereby, it helps strengthen the solidarity of the people of all ethnic groups in the province.

Recently, the fan club of Hoa Binh football has had many activities to cheer for Hoa Binh FC when they play at home and away. That source of spiritual encouragement has helped the provincial team to achieve some proud achievements. In order to operate stably and effectively, the Board of Directors of the fan club of Hoa Binh Football has set out rules and regulations that the members must comply with. In particular, the cheering activities of the club must be carried out in a civilized, polite and professional manner and must be in accordance with the regulations of the Organizing Committee, bearing the identity and colors of the team's flag and colors of the "Western Pride” team; absolutely prohibiting the acts of quarreling, insulting, causing insecurity and disorder...

Mr. Tran Quoc Khanh, the Chairman of Hoa Binh Football’s fan club says: "For the first time in the history of the Northwest region with a representative competing in the Vietnamese professional football system, Hoa Binh Football Club has brought back many emotions for the fans who love this sport. In the coming time, the club will focus on consolidating a strong organization, developing members, uniting, continuing to accompany, and having many enthusiastic cheering activities, love and encouragement for the team in the competition journey…”.

The fans are like the 12th player of the team. With the attachment and companionship of Hoa Binh Football’s fan club, we hope that Hoa Binh FC will confidently overcome all difficulties and challenges in this competition, aiming for higher achievements in the future in response to the love, trust and expectation of Hoa Binh sports fans.

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