(HBO) - In recent years, the movement of physical training and sports in Ngoc Lau commune (Lac Son) has been paid attention to promoting, achieving many achievements, contributing to improving the people’s health and spiritual life.

The committee of Ngoc Lau Commune People's and the Youth Communist Union of Lac Son District have been cooperating to organize swimming classes for youth and teenagers in the commune.

Ngoc Lau commune is located at an altitude of about 650 m above the sea level. The climate is quite typical, with 5 - 6 months of cloud in a year. Therefore, many years ago, when coming to the commune, we rarely saw the images of people practicing and competing in sports.

When people's lives are better taken care of by the Party and State, and their lives get better, many people have actively participated in training volleyball, football, badminton... Mr. Bui Van Mung, the civil servant of Ngoc Lau commune says: Since the commune has been invested in the construction of sports fields, the people have been practicing sports quite a lot. Having a new field, everyone is happy and excited, at every 17 o'clock everyone goes to the field to practice. Playing sports should make the spirit exciting, the people are better to work and produce better.

According to Mr. Bui Văn Huy, the Chairman of the Peopel’s Committee of Ngoc Lau Commune, along with the task of socio-economic development, sports activities are always focused and concerned by the commune. The movement "All people do exercises following the great example of Uncle Ho” has attracted the participation of a large number of people. With the diversity of the training content
and forms, maintaining the organization of many competition activities, the movement of the commune's physical activities and sports takes place regularly, contributing to improving the health and solidarity of the officials and the local people.

In order to promote the movement of physical training and sports, the commune has developed the specific plans which are suitable to the local characteristics; propagandizing the benefits and meaning of regular exercise. Every year, the commune organizes the tournaments of volleyball, steam volleyball, football, badminton for all ages, focusing on holidays and Tet. Through the tournaments, the
comuune selects the athletes with excellent achievements to join the commune' sports team to participate in district’s tournaments.

In recent years, with the attention and direction of Party committees and appropriate authorities, the movement of sports and physical activities in Ngoc Lau commune has made remarkable progress and development. People have an increasing need for practicing sports, contributing to building a spiritual and cultural life in residential areas, creating a joyful and healthy atmosphere, repelling the social evils. Accordingly, the achievements are also constantly increasing. In 2022, the whole commune won over 20 medals of all kinds at the district’s tournaments organized for men's football, women's volleyball, badminton, athletics and ethnic sports. At the district’s badminton tournament for the officials and employees in 2023, the men's doubles of the commune participated in the
badminton competition and won the third prize.

In the commune, each hamlet has a team and a field for volleyball, steam volleyball, and football. Particularly, the badminton gymnasium is invested by the commune to meet the people's needs for sports. In the whole commune, there are 3,000 people, of which 400-500 people are the core ones who regularly participate in sports, thereby, it helps promoting the movement and attracting the active
participation of many people to.

According to Mr. Bui Van Huy, the Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ngoc Lau Commune, in order for the movement of sports and physical activities to develop more and more widely and sustainably, the commune always encourages the people to exercise and improve their spiritual life. In the coming time, the commune will continue to pay attention to investing in facilities to better serve the
people's needs for sports training. At the same time, it is necessary to mobilize the social resources to organize sports competitions on holidays and Tet, actively participate in the district’s tournaments, etc. It is also important to encourage the hamlets, the unions, and the schools to maintain and establish more sports teams and groups, creating conditions to help the people exchange and comprehensively develop both intellectually and physically, contributing to the local socio-economic

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