(HBO) - In the afternoon of September 25, the Organizing Committee of the 2nd Open Movement Bicycle Tournament of Hoa Binh Province in 2023 met to deploy the plan to organize the tournament.

The organizing committee of the Hoa Binh Province Open Movement Bicycle Tournament of Hoa Binh Province in 2023 met to discuss the plan to organize the tournament.

It is expected that the second Open Movement Bicycle Tournament of Hoa Binh Province in 2023 takes place in 2 days, from October 7 - 8, with the participation of about 500 - 700 athletes. The competitive events include the long-distance individual men and women and off-road men and women. In the men's and women's long-distance competitions, there are the following age groups: under 39 years old, from 40 - 55 years old, from 56 years old and above.

According to the plan, the venue for the mountain cycling competition takes place at the terrain racetrack in Dan Chu ward, Hoa Binh city; the long-distance cycling content take place at the racetracks in Hoa Binh city.

At the meeting, the Organizing Committee has agreed on the plan to organize the tournament and assigned the specific tasks to the members to ensure that the second Bicycle Movement Open Tournament of Hoa Binh Provincial takes place safely and successfully.

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