In recent years, in addition to promoting the mass sports movement, Kim Boi district has focused on maintaining and developing the national sports. Developing the traditional sports to attract the participation of many people in training and competing not only helps improve health and spiritual life but it also replicates the movement "All people do exercises following th egreat ẽample of Uncle Ho” in the district.

The athletes competing in stick pushing at Kim Boi youth championship. For crossbow shooting, tug of war, and stick pushing in 2023.


To maintain and develop the ethnic sports and folk games, Vinh Dong commune has been promoting propaganda so that the people regularly practice. Every year, the commune organizes the national sports tournaments on the occasion of Muong Dong festival and Lunar New Year to contribute to preserving the national cultural identity. Mr. Bui Van Trang, the Vice Chairman of Vinh Dong People's Committee, says: Folk sports and games are an indispensable part of the local traditional cultural festivals, as well as in the daily activities. of the people after every day of hard work, especially crossbow shooting and stick pushing, attracting the participation of many ages. 

The outstanding feature in preserving and developing the ethnic sports in Kim Boi district is that the communes and the town have well promoted the role of the residential communities and the reputable people. Therefore, in communes where many ethnic minorities live, although the economy is still facing many difficulties, the localities have been flexible and they have mobilized the people to contribute to building the grounds for training and competing regularly. The tournaments and sports activities have become a regular cultural activity, a useful playground, a place to interact, learn, exchange experiences and build solidarity relationships between the peoples, creating a cheerful and healthy atmosphere, improving the people's health, attracting the participation of a large number of people of all ages. Mr. Bui Van Doan from Loc hamlet, Xuan Thuy commune shares: "Even though I am old, every year I participate in commune’s and district’s crossbow shooting tournaments. I also make crossbows and teach my children and grandchildren so the crossbow shooting will not be lost." 

In addition, the local party committees and authorities have paid to investing in facilities and sports institutions in the residential areas. The development of the movement to practice and compete in the national sports is also the basis for discovering and selecting many core athletes to participate in the national sports competitions at the provincial level. At the Provincial Tournament of Crossbow Shooting - Stick Pushing - Tug of War in 2023, Kim Boi district won first prize in men's and women's tug of war, winning 10 gold medals, 7 silver medals and 9 bronze medals in crossbow shooting and stick pushing. 

Mr. Bui Van Nghia, the Deputy Director of the Center for Culture, Information and Sports of Kim Boi district says: To create a foundation for developing the ethnic sports, the district always pays attention to investing in facilities and sports institutions for the grassroots levels. So far, in the entire district there have been 10 commune-level cultural houses; 152 village and hamlet cultural houses; 1 multi-purpose stadium; 11 communes have sports fields with the guaranteed area according to the regulations; There are cultural and sports entertainment spots in the residential areas. Through the evaluation, most of the projects operate effectively, meeting the people's needs for sports practice. In addition, the communes and the town all have sports teams and groups that maintain regular activities, contributing to promoting the development of the sports movement. 

In the coming time, Kim Boi district will continue encouraging the people from all walks of life to maintain regular practice of the ethnic sports. It is suggested strengthening the implementation of policies encouraging the ethnic sports on a basis that is appropriate to the conditions of each locality; Paying attention to developing the coaching force; expanding the development of the ethnic sports in schools; Organizing the ethnic sports tournaments at all levels... Thereby, it helps to improve physical health, build a rich and healthy cultural and spiritual life for the people, and contribute to preserving and promoting the traditional culture of the ethnic minorities throughout the district.

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