In the afternoon of December 10th, at the Provincial Stadium, there was a match between Hoa Binh Football Club (Hoa Binh FC) and Dong Nai Football Club (Dong Nai FC) within the framework of round 6 of the National First Division Football Tournament – Golden Star Beer, in the season of 2023- 2024.

The players of Hoa Binh FC and Dong Nai FC were competing fiercely in the match in round 6 of the National First Division Football Tournament.


In the National Second Division Football League in 2023, Dong Nai FC achieved the joint first place and won a direct promotion ticket to play in the National First Division Football League - Golden Star Beer, in the season of 2023 - 2024. 

Previously, in the away match in the field of Phu Dong Ninh Binh team, the coach Pham Thanh Luong and his team won with a score of 2-1. 

Aiming for their first victory at home stadium, Hoa Binh FC players started the match with the highest determination. In the first half, the home team played an attacking style but they could not create any dangerous situations towards the opponent's goal. Meanwhile, Dong Nai FC also defended heavily and found it quite difficult to reach the home team's goal. The first half ended with a score of 0-0, there were not too many impressive finishing situations towards the goal of the two teams. 

Entering the second half, Dong Nai FC raised their squad and deployed many attack plans, so the pace of the match was faster and more open. The two teams continuously created the scoring situations but they were unsuccessful. In the 66th minute, Hoa Binh FC player, Nguyen Anh Tu, swiped the ball with his left foot and sent the ball into the far corner, Dong Nai FC's goalkeeper could not block it. Nguyen Anh Tu's successful finish helped Hoa Binh FC temporarily take the lead. Immediately after that, Dong Nai FC pushed their team higher, hoping to find an equalizing goal. In the 89th minute, Hoa Binh FC's defense was a bit negligent, the guest team immediately created a dangerous situation. However, Dong Nai FC's attack still could not score. 

At the end of the match, the "Northwestern Pride” team got their first victory at home stadium with a score of 1-0 and it was also their second consecutive victory in this season. 

With this victory, Hoa Binh FC has temporarily risen to 5th place on the rankings so far. 

Mr. Nguyen Van Toan, the Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, the Chairman of the Hoa Binh Provincial Football Federation congratulated the players and the Hoa Binh FC coaching staff after the winning match. 

After the match, Mr. Nguyen Van Toan, the Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, the Chairman of the Hoa Binh Provincial Football Federation and leaders of a number of departments and branches along with a large number of people came to the field to congratulate and celebrate with the players. and Hoa Binh FC’s coaching staff.

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