On February 5th, the Organizing Committee of Hoa Binh Marathon in 2024 held a meeting to discuss and agree on the contents of the tournament and assign the tasks to the members of the Organizing Committee.

The delegates are attending the meeting. 

Hoa Binh Marathon in 2024 is jointly organized by the Provincial Communist Youth Union, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the People's Committee of Hoa Binh City and Vietrace365 joint Stock Company. This is the first time Hoa Binh province has organized a Marathon with the participation of over 1,500 athletes from the provinces and cities nationwide. The tournament aims to celebrate the Spring of Giap Thin in 2024 and aim to celebrate the 78th anniversary of the traditional day of the Vietnamese Sports sector. The tournament is not only a playground for the athletes to exchange, learn, exercise, and promote the development of the local sports movements, but it also contributes to promoting the history, the cultural traditions and tourism of Hoa Binh province to the people and tourists. At the same time, it helps raise the funds to support the children and patients in particularly difficult circumstances who are being treated at the medical facilities in the province. 

According to the plan, the opening ceremony of Hoa Binh Marathon 2024 takes place in the afternoon of March 2 and officially kicks off on March 3, 2024. Up to now, the tournament has over 1,500 athletes from 43 provinces and cities nationwide registered to compete, including more than 10 foreign athletes. The competition distances include: 5km, 10km and 21km. The running route starts from Hoa Binh City’s Cultural Center, a race track is in Hoa Binh city, through many famous and attractive tourism attractions of the province. 

At the meeting, the delegates have approved the Decision to establish the Organizing Committee of the Hoa Binh Marathon in 2024. Mr. Nguyen Duy Tu, the Secretary of the Provincial Communist Youth Union, the Chairman of the Provincial Vietnam Youth Union, is the Head of the Organizing Committee. The delegates have focused on discussing and commenting on a number of contents: the plan for managing and organizing the tournament, the draft assignment of the tasks for the members of the Organizing Committee; the plans to ensure security and order, traffic safety, the arrangement for accomodation and eating place for the athletes, the medical issues, the environmental sanitation, the information and propaganda work... The specific tasks have been asigned for each member of the Organizing Committee. They have agreed on a number of plans to ensure all conditions for the tournament to be successful and safe according to the plan.

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