(HBO) - The Party Committee of Tan Lac has issued a specialized resolution on the tourism development. In particular, taking advantage of investment resources for tourism development has been focused on; diversifying the tourism services, the propaganda, promotion and advertisement of tourism, attracting investors to the district, building and developing the tourism products.

Being invested, the households in Buoi Can village, Phong Phu commune (Tan Lac) develop community tourism.

According to Head of the Propaganda and Training Commission of Tan Lac Party Committee, stemming from the fact that one of the weaknesses of Tan Lac tourism is not mobilizing a lot of investment resources for tourism. Advertising and promoting activities, joint ventures and cooperation are still limited, the tourism products are monotonous. Therefore, the district has determined to create favorable conditions to support the potential investors to survey and study the advantages of tourism development in the district.

At the same time, they have been integrating the national target programs to speed up the investment in the infrastructure attracting tourism development. In parallel with that, the district has focused on implementing the tourism promotion well. They have also been researching the tourism market, gradually forming the traditional products and souvenirs to introduce to tourists. They have associated with the agricultural sector to produce the typical agricultural products. They have also been developing the tourism products suitable to the local practical conditions, such as the community tourism, the convalescence tourism, the cave exploration tourism, landscape and cultural and spiritual tourism.

Thanks to the synchronous solutions, in 3 years of implementing the resolution, Tan Lac district has achieved 4 out of 5 basic targets.  They include the average tourism growth of about 32.03% a year; the total tourism income in 2016 reached more than 18,018 billion VND, in 2018 it increased to more than 30 billion VND; the accommodation is 270 rooms, including 2 hotels with 2-star standards, 7 accommodation establishments have ensured the accommodation standards for guests. 

In addition, the district has developed 4 community tourism sites with 18 households doing homestay business. The number of employees who have been offered jobs from the tourism sector has increased to 284 direct employees and 260 indirect ones. They have been attracting 10 tourism development projects, including 5 projects on resort tourism and eco-tourism within Hoa Binh lake; the investment policy on the eco-tourism project and the nature conservation of the cloud valley in Quyet Chien commune; Thung Khe Ecotourism and the spiritual tourism have been approved with a total capital of over 1,829 billion VND.

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