(HBO) - Referring to Nam Son commune, people often think of the ancient tangerine orchards, which are bringing sweet fruits during the economic transformation in this upland commune. The reason why they are called ancient tangerines is that this is a local tangerine variety, which has been associated with Muong villages here since the time of "Laying soil and laying water".

The homestay sites in Chien hamlet, Nam Son commune (Tan Lac) are spaciously invested and ready to welcome tourists.

Realizing the high economic value, over the past decade, the people in Nam Son commune have covered the fields of maize and cassava on the area of hundreds of hectares with the green colour of tangerines. In addition to the ancient tangerine trees, there are many other things in this highland that makes great impression for those who set foot there for the first time. It is Nam Son cave, a unique national monument in the North. They are also Muong villages that are close together, preserving the traditional cultural features. 

Especially, with the location of nearly 1,000 m above sea level, Nam Son has cool weather all year round. All of these have created the potentials for tourism development. With the support of AOP (an Australian non-governmental organization), Tan Lac district has selected Chien hamlet in Nam Son commune to build a community tourism site. At the end of July, the tourist attraction opened and began to welcome guests.

Nam Son commune is about 20 km away from Highway 6. The highland road has just been repaired, so the journey to Nam Son commune is quite convenient. It takes 1 km left from Lung Van commune to the community tourist destination in Chien hamlet, a small Muong village with the wild scenery and more than 70 households.

Arriving in Chien hamlet, we received a warm welcome from the people. The village road has been hardened, the three well-invested homestays have created a new face for Muong village. Inviting us a cup of water boiled from a fragrant forest tree, the Party’s Secretary of Chien hamlet, Mr. Bui Van Thong says that currently all the households in the village have been living in the traditional stilt houses. Food is also provided by the people there themselves, so the food hygiene is ensured. 

The unique cultural characteristics of Muong ethnic people have also been actively restored to serve tourists. Since its opening, there have been delegations visiting and staying overnight. The people are very excited and they understand that this is an opportunity to promote the image of the village and promote the economic development.

"We are so happy that everyone voluntarily raises their awareness in protecting the environment and the landscape as well as building the friendly images to please visitors when they visit and stay here" - Mr. Ha Xuan Thao, a person in Chien hamlet says.

Walking around Chien hamlet, we felt a quiet space and fresh air. The stilt houses lying close together with the boundaries separated by bamboo fences have created a rustic image. Perhaps, this is a unique point in this quite primitive Muong village.

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