(HBO) - Da Bia (now it is Duc Phong hamlet) - a community tourism destination of Tien Phong commune (Da Bac) has not only majestic mountains, charming rivers, friendly people, but it also has a special thing that hardly any place has it ...

Konzi (on the left) – a visitor from Germany is talking about the interesting feelings about the scenery, the food and the friendliness, the warmth and the sincerity of the people in Da Bia.

Da Bia has been considered as an interesting destination for those who love exploring for a long time. Ms. Bui Thi Nhem, the girl of Muong ethnic people in Ao Ta, one of the first people doing community tourism in Da Bia says that Da Bia still retains its rustic and untouched features and it is not dusty and noisy. Recently, with the support and investment, Da Bia is transforming itself into a new face, becoming an attractive homestay tourism destination for those who love experiencing and exploring.

In Da Bia, there are not only roads going deep into the forest canopy with wide lakes, blue water and white clouds. But there are also beautiful walking paths through the forest with streams of clear water flowing from the forest. Moreover, when coming here you also see the kind, friendly smiles, the warm and sincere handshakes, and the hospitality of the local people.

Da Bia really brings the memorable experiences such as trecking tours through the forest, exploring the life of the surrounding villages, going fishing, fishing, eating stewed food, sleeping on the floor ... As a tourist from France, Mr. Yves Perrin says about this feeling: like going to mountains, there are mountains and water here. 

There is also a variety of the landscapes with plants, flowers, leaves and marinas that anyone coming once will remember forever. The hospitality and sincerity of the people in Da Bia make us feel that we are no longer guests, we are like a member of the hamlet. The culture and the customs of the people here are also a big surprise. Arriving here, we are free to be ourselves, forgetting the chaos of life. It is worth a trip, an experience ...

In addition to the scenery and the natural flavor that has never had the human’s influence, the friendliness of the people of Da Bia and the experience activities during their stay have made good impression. In particular, the mobile phones, the inseparable things for most people, temporarily leave their owners.

In Da Bia, there are not any mobile networks. Recently, the internet has also been pulled back to the village. But the exciting experience activities have brought people together, making them forget about mobile phones. Even during meals, mobile phones are left aside so that everyone can be closer together and intimate.

This has made most people here excited. As the couple, Kry and Teresa, from Adelaide (Australia) say: No wifi, no problem. Minh Anh, a visitor from Hai Phong also says: There is no wifi here but I suddenly realize that it is not a problem.

Even, some people express their thanks as this technology does not exist there. As Konzi, a visitor from Germany says: No wifi. Thank you! Mr. Vu Viet Hung, a visitor from Hanoi excitedly says: Leaving the noisy capital, we arrive in Da Bia. Everything is strange and wonderful here. We had a great time. Despite the lack of technology, the experiences of the people here are just cherished.

That's why they arrive here. Also simply they can enjoy a peaceful morning from the crowing of the cock when it's still early in the morning. They wake up and breathe the early morning mist with the incredible refreshing feeling. The village along the river, the still water is lingering on a peaceful dew.



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