(HBO) - Mai Chau district is blessed with a lot of wonderful scenery by the nature. It is a peaceful and quiet place, helping you forget the hustle and bustle of the city to enjoy the relaxing moments after stressful working days. What is beautiful in Mai Chau tourism? Let's take a look at some of the beautiful sights of Mai Chau district to complement your travel guide!

Thung Khe Pass - A view of a hill in the Northern Europe

Before arriving in Mai Chau, you will go over Thung Khe pass. Don't rush, stop here to see the beautiful Mai Chau from far away. It is like a picture with many colors and take some unique photos on the white hill. Compared to the Northern European hill of Mai Chau, here you are just like being lost in the European landscape with the white space of mountains and covered fog.

Thung Khe Pass with white space of mountains. You feel like stepping into a European setting with white space.

The weather in Thung Khe Pass is nice in all four seasons. When the sun rises, the first rays of the sun are floating in the fog of the early morning. This is a check in point you should not miss when traveling to Mai Chau.

The charming paint of Da River is so beautiful.

Visiting the area of Ba Khan - the forgotten paradise of Mai Chau, the first impression of the beauty of this place is a peace as a dreamland, which is both wild and romantic and lyrical. On the rainy days, the surface of the lake of Da river is covered with the red color of alluvium, the rest of Da river bank is covered with the magical turquoise blue. Let’s enjoy the feeling of gentle and relaxing fullness in the charming, peaceful natural space filled with the green of Ba Khan.

Mai Chau valley with the impressive beauty when being viewed from above

Traveling to Lac village in Mai Chau

Referring to Mai Chau tourism, it is impossible not to mention Lac village, the most beautiful village in Mai Chau. Instead of being a bustling or magnificent place, Lac village brings together all the idyllic, natural and friendly characteristics. It is a place imbued with the cultural identity of white Thai ethnic people and 5 ancestry of Thai ethnic people living in Lac village are Ha, Lo, Vi, Mac and Loc. The village has existed for 700 years. Coming here, you will admire the stretching fields, mixed with villages, enjoying and selecting the brocade items as souvenirs you like.

A skirt of the Mong ethnic girls in Mai Chau is an impressive souvenir for visitors

Chieu Cave in Mai Chau

One of the beautiful scenes of Mai Chau that you must definitely visit when you come there is to explore Chieu Cave. Chieu Cave is a famous tourism spot in Mai Chau. You have to conquer 1,200 stone steps to reach the cave from Mai Chau town. Located on the top of the Pu Kha limestone mountain, Chieu Cave is formed from stalactites. The name of Chieu cave is given by the local people, because when afternoon comes, the sunlight shines straight into the cave, the rays of light make the splendor of each stalactite creating a beautiful scenery.

The primitive nature will create an impression for travelers.

Go Lao Waterfall

Go Lao Waterfall, a beautiful waterfall is located in Phuc San commune, Mai Chau district. It is about 15 km far from Mai Chau town. On the way to Go Lao, you will definitely be attracted by the natural scenery on both sides of the road. The small houses of Muong ethnic people are pretty, the rows of maize grow together with the rugger rocks in Ba Khan majestic and poetic lake or the straight forests of phyllostachys.

Go Lao Waterfall.

Go Lao Waterfall is located at the foot of the mountain, close to the edge of the Da River. The waterfall erupts the cascade of white water, bubbles into the ravine like a symphony between the mountains. An attractive tourism destination in Mai Chau is worth exploring.

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