(HBO) - Referring to the terraces in Hoa Binh, it is impossible not to mention the terraces in Mien Doi, a commune of 135 area in Lac Son district. This is really an impressive artificial construction of Lac Son district in particular and in the Northwest gateway land in general.

The people in Mien Doi (Lac Son) are harvesting the spring rice crop in 2020 on the terraced fields.

We arrived in Mien Doi when the people are rushing to harvest the spring rice crop. From a distance, the terraced fields are softly waving like the golden layers of stratum, layering along the hillsides, one after another, sparkling in the brilliant golden sunshine. To get this masterpiece, it is necessary to mention the sweat and the labor of so many generations of people here. More than 400 hectares of terraced fields on hills and mountains have been created with the diligence. It is also a stable source of food for 141 households, nearly 700 people in Mien Doi.

The fact that when there are the terraced fields in Mien Doi is unknown. Even the seniors at the age of 90 - 95 years old only know "when they were small, they saw the terraced fields in the hometown”. The terrain of the hills and mountains has created terraced fields of different sizes. Plowing, taking care, transplanting and collecting are much harder compared to the flat fields in lowland areas, however, this is an effective farming method that has been used by Muong ethnic people in Mien Doi and it has brought more and more prosperous life.

Due to the increasing level of intensive farming, 2 crops a year are planted on the terraced fields in Mien Doi. In particular, the spring rice crop is of 153 ha with rice varieties of BC15, BC25 and there are 308 hectares of the summer-autumn crop, grown mainly with the variety of adenium obesum. Due to the narrower water source in the spring crop, more than half of the remaining land area has been replaced by other crops such as corn, sweet potatoes, vegetables, beans, peanuts, palanquins, onions ... Therefore, it not only creates the diversity and the abundance of crops, but it also helps improve the income and the people's lives

From the fanciful beauty of the golden terraces among the green mountains, the magnificent beauty of Le hill (Voi Thuong village) at an altitude of 1,000 m above sea level, many young people and even tourism have chosen Mien Doi as a destination of experience and discovery destination. However, at present, the beautiful natural scenery, the cultural identity from the floor of the stilt houses, the ethnic cuisine with the identities of Muong ethnic people in Mien Doi are still potentials for tourism that have not been exploited.

Coming to Mien Doi is a journey on the winding road of rolling hills and shutters, visitors are able to discover new scenes of nature, enjoying the beautiful scenery of thousands of the ripe rice terraces. They are able to be immersed in the life and activities of Muong ethnic people in the harvest scene with the bright faces of upland farmers about a prosperous day, participating in vibrant cultural activities with rich identity ...


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