(HBO) - The Provincial Fatherland Front has coordinated with the Action Center for Community Development to organize a survey to collect opinions of the people in Gia Mo, Nhan My (Tan Lac); Tu Son (Kim Boi); Quyet Thang (Lac Son); Cao Son (Da Bac) commune on the policies supporting the economic development in association with the community tourism. 160 representatives from the community groups, the heads and the deputy heads of the communes’ People’s Inspection Committees.

The scenes of the survey collecting people’s opinions in Tu Son commune (Kim Boi).

The surveys in the communes have showed that the majority of people have agreed and completely agreed on the development of the community tourism. They have a need, a desire to develop the community tourism. Many people say that the community tourism has helped increase the their income, but they have not satisfied with that income level.

The people’s recommendations mainly focus on the followings: There should be specific policies and plans on the community tourism and vision. It is necessary to invest in infrastructure such as electricity, roads, telecommunications ... at the tourist spots.

It is also important to create conditions for domestic and foreign investors to develop tourism, but it must attach with the protection and preservation of the national cultural identity, the natural resources, and the historical and cultural relics. The specialized cultural community tourism villages with brands should be built. The local tourism should be promoted to tourists more often. Every year the training courses on tourism should be opened. It is suggested teaching English to the local people, opening classes to teach the ethnic languages for the young generations, opening the classes to transfer the traditional craft. The local people need to learn and capture tourism information, raising the awareness to reserve the national culture, clean the environment and protect the natural resources, and the secure.

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