(HBO) - Ba Khan valley, Son Thuy commune (Mai Chau) is now a familiar address for domestic and foreign tourists. At weekends, holidays, groups of tourists love to explore and conquer, many groups of family tourists choose this destination to enjoy the vacation.

From Bakhan Village Resort, visitors can admire the beauty of Hoa Binh Lake.

Following those who are passionate about the experience itinerary, it takes more than 2 hours from Hanoi to reach Ba Khan valley towards the National Highway 6. Located at the foot of Thung Khe pass, which is covered by clouds all year round, this beautiful valley has only been known since 2019 because it is located between two famous tourism destinations Mai Chau and Moc Chau. Especially, with wild scenery in the almost isolated location, Ba Khan tourism spot makes any visitors coming here feel attached and fallen in love.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thai, a visitor from Hanoi Capital, shared: The beautiful scenery in Ba Khan gives me new inspiration. I like to live in the majestic scenery of mountains, one side is a cliff, the other is an endless blue Da river flowing through small undulating islands, creating a charming picture. During the vacation with my family, I was extremely relaxed as I walked in the middle of the peaceful Ba Khan lake, breathing the fresh air of the lake, sitting on a canoe to start the journey enjoying water and mountains.

According to the experience of the tourists who have chosen Ba Khan valley as a stopover, those who love this place should not miss two opportunities. That is to welcome the dawn in the early morning when the clouds are gloomy everywhere. The clouds covering mountains and hills are charming people. If you stay here and wait for the sunset, when the fog has gone away and the clouds are higher, the scenery of Ba Khan mountain appears right before your eyes with the undulating mountains growing in the lake bed, making this place look like a Ha Long Bay on the land. Ba Khan is also an ideal place for groups of guests to organize picnics, camping, and activities. To be active, groups often bring tents and camping tarpaulins. In addition, they can eat, sleep, stay at a homestay or contact a number of places to welcome guests.

There are not many motels, the venues serving food, but in this famous tourist valley, there is a modern resort with many facilities and is very popular with tourists, which is Bakhan Village Resort. The resort has a total area of 4 hectares, located in an ideal location on the mountainside, overlooking the green valley and pouring water of Hoa Binh Lake area. With a modern, sophisticated and close-to-nature design, the resort is the perfect combination between the natural materials and the contemporary elegance, giving priority to the open space, keeping the natural landscape intact. There is a restaurant serving the traditional Northwest cuisine and European dishes in the resort. From this resort, visitors can reach the dock or the road, then they can participate in outdoor activities such as walking to visit the the villages of the ethnic people, trekking through the primeval forests, kayaking, boat riding on Hoa Binh lake area to visit caves ...

Ms. Ha Thi Lieu, the Deputy Head of the Office of Culture and Information of Mai Chau District, sáy: Ba Khan is one of the tourism destinations that the district has been promoting and attracting the investment. Ba Khan valley welcomes guests all year round, but the months in summer, autumn and dủing the New Year holidays are considered the most popular season with a large number of visitors to visit and enjoy the memorable days of fun and rest.


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