(HBO) - Domestic and international tourists are often attracted by the famous spiritual tourism destinations of Cao Phong district such as: Quen Ang pagoda in Hop Phong commune, Dong Son temple, Bong Lai temple in Cao Phong town... In the coming years, the district orient the tourism development on the basis of the potential, the advantages of the natural environment and landscape associated with the spiritual tourism, promoting the national cultural identity.

The unspoiled nature and the beauty of the terraced fields in Mung hamlet, Hop Phong commune (Cao Phong) arouse the potential of ecotourism. 

The upland commune, Thach Yen, is not only known for Khanh Pagoda, the site of the revolutionary base of Thach Yen - Cao Phong, but it also attracts tourists by the poetic and magnificent beauty of the sprawling terraced fields throughout the village. The life of the people here is rustic, simple, and many customs and habits are still preserved. In particular, there is a hill like a large steppe with an area of about 200 hectares, located at an altitude of 1,000 m above sea level with cool climate. At the top of the hill, there is a well, which is known as Vo Vua (King's well) by the people in the region. This well is associated with the story of the mother and daughter of Thanh Tan Vien's wife named Me Da Hoang Pa. During the trip to the world, the mother and daughter pretended to be the poor to test the hearts and help the poor people in Muong Dai (now it is Thach Yen Commune). 

Mr. Pham Ngoc Nhat, the Head of the District’s Culture and Sports Department said: In some highland areas such as Thach Yen, Can hamlet, Mung hamlet in Hop Phong commune, there are conditions and advantages in the climate and landscape to form ecotourism destinations, resorts, cultural tourism ... to bring visitors new experiences. Currently, in Thach Yen commune, the project of Happy Land general eco-tourism area is being implemented. A number of businesses and investors, including the Sun Group, have come to survey and research that Vo Vua hill steppe is suitable as a resort. 

Since 2017, the district has promoted and called for investment attraction in a number of zones and sites: the community tourism in Mo hamlet - Binh Thanh commune; Tien hamlet - Thung Nai commune; Rom Khanh hamlet - Thach Yen commune; Quen Ang pagoda - Hop Phong commune, Khanh pagoda - Thach Yen commune; Ancient tomb of the princess - Dung Phong commune. The typical projects are surveying and investing in tourism development, such as Dong Son temple in zone 3, Cao Phong town located in the planning of a commercial – tourism center, the complex service in Dau Rong mountain. The temple is built by socialization resources with a total investment of 48 billion VND and a total area of nearly 11,000 m2. It has been put into operation, attracting many tourists from all over the world. The project of high-tech agricultural production in Mung hamlet, Hop Phong commune by T&T Group is in the process of surveying to invest in tourism; Peninsula Resort eco-tourism area in Thung Nai commune with a planned area of 148.8 hectares; Binh Thanh eco-tourism resort; Parahills Hoa Binh tourism area with the planning area of about 66.74 ha; The project to build a space preserving the cultural heritage of Mo Muong in association with tourism services in Hop Phong commune with a scale of 36 ha... has been approved by the province. 

The district aims to welcome over 170,000 visitors by 2022, with a total revenue of about 170 billion VND from tourism. In the following years, it will focus on attracting investment capital in tourism infrastructure, especially the project of the space of Mo Muong Hoa Binh culture in association with tourism development in Hop Phong commune; the projects of ecotourism and resort in Binh Thanh, Thung Nai and Thach Yen communes. It is necesary to implement the close association with the province's tourism system such as the spiritual, ecological, cultural and historical tourism. At the same time, they will form and complete the tours and touristm routes: Binh Thanh - Thung Nai – the lake area of Da river travelling to the ancient ethnic villages (Muong, Dao) with the traditional villages of knitting, brocade weaving, visiting the historical heroic monument Cu Chinh Lan, Thac Bo temple, eco-tourism within Hoa Binh lake area; Hop Phong - Dung Phong - Thach Yen tourism route; the historical and cultural relic area of Quen Ang pagoda, the flower garden of Coi Mountain in Hop Phong commune, Khanh pagoda, Muong village tourism in Thach Yen commune. The tourism route of Cao Phong town - Hop Phong commune includes the eco-tourism in the garden, the tourism in Vietnam Scientists Heritage Park, Can Thuong lake, Muong ethnic village in Can hamlet, Mung hamlet, Hop Phong commune; visiting the national monuments and landscapes of the complex of Dau Rong mountain cave, Thuong temple in Bong Lai, Dong Son temple in zone 3, Cao Phong town.

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