(HBO) - The improvement of the investment attraction environment and competitiveness is the responsibility of the whole political system in order to make important contributions to the rapid and sustainable development of Cao Phong district. This is the stance of the district Party Committee when promulgating Resolution No.02-NQ/HU, dated April 13, 2021 on improving investment attraction and enhancing competitiveness in the district in the 2021 – 2025 period.

Tourists visit Heritage Park of Vietnamese Scientists in Bac Phong commune (Cao Phong).

According to the assessment of the district People's Committee, in the past five years, the district has actively and concertedly implemented solutions to improve the business environment and increase the efficiency of investment attraction. The committee has created favourable conditions for investors such as land incentives; tax payment deadline extension, postponement or reduction to support those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic; helping them solve difficulties and obstacles in site clearance and compensation. In terms of administrative reform, the district has maintained and improved the quality management system in accordance with the TCVNISO 9001:2015 standard.

Notably, the district has flexibly applied mechanisms and policies of the Government and the province's administration, proposed measures suitable to the actual situation, and promoted its potential and advantages to attract resources. To date, the measures have initially proved effective. The district has successfully drawn a number of investment projects, such as Suoi Trang hydropower plant in Bac Phong commune, Dao Ngoc (Pearl Island) eco-tourism site on Da river in Thung Nai commune, Dong An Phu factory in Thach Yen commune, Binh Thanh eco-tourism resort, and Cao Phong fruit processing factory in Cao Phong town with a total initial investment of over 600 billion VND (25.8 million USD).

Quach Van Ngoan, Chairman of the district People's Committee, affirmed that to step up investment attraction, the district will strive to mobilise all resources, create favourable conditions for the implementation of mechanisms and policies, and intensify investment promotion. The Party committees and authorities at all levels will actively implement measures, and disseminate them to create consensus among locals so as to turn Cao Phong into a new-style rural district by 2025./.

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