Turkey’s Anadolu Agency (AA) attaches much importance to its professional and friendly cooperation with the Vietnam News Agency (VNA), Director General of the AA Senol Kazanci has said.

                           Director General of the AA Senol Kazanci (Source: istanbulgercegi.com)

Kazanci made the statement during a recent interview with VNA reporters on the threshold of the 44th Executive Board Meeting (EBM) of the Organisation of Asia-Pacific News Agencies (OANA) under the theme "For a professional and innovative journalism”in Hanoi, Vietnam, from April 18-20.

Reporter: The OANA becomes stronger thanks to the responsible participation of each member news agency. Could you please let us know which forms of cooperation should the agencies enhance to turn the OANA into a more efficient organisation?

Mr. Senol Kazanci: First of all, I would like to congratulate Vietnam News Agency for their efforts to host 44th OANA EBM successfully. 

As it is stated in the OANA statute, the goal of the organisation is to exchange experience and encourage cooperation between the member agencies. For this purpose, we think OANA members should develop their bilateral cooperation by signing agreements based on free news and visual content exchange. We also suggest that OANA members should conduct more often media visits to their counterparts to establish stronger relations via the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Reporter:  Which measures has the Anadolu Agency taken to win public trust as a mainstream information source?

Mr. Senol Kazanci: AA was established on April 6, 1920, during the Turkish Independence War with the mission of "heralding Anatolia’s voice to the world.” 

Till today, AA is still attached to its mission. It is not an easy task for a news agency to grow continuously and increase production while keeping up the quality of its services. Currently, AA is the dominating primary news source for the Turkish media. This proves that AA has won the public trust as the mainstream news source in Turkey.

In order to win global public trust and extend its global reach, we needed to work harder each and every year. As of today, AA increased its broadcast languages up to 13, positioned itself in a global photo distribution network with its high quality photos, increased the number of its worldwide offices to 41 and representatives to 100, signed cooperation agreements with 70 leading news agencies and gained subscribers from 76 countries. Presently, AA is providing news services with the staff from 124 different nationalities.

Reporter:  Thank you very much,Sir.-VNA

                  Source: NDO

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