(HBO) – Mr. Hoang Duy Phuong was born in 1950 in a studious poor family. Up to now, in spite of being at the old age, Mr. Hoang Duy Phuong, Director of Nam Son Co., Ltd, is still nimble.

Mr. Hoang Duy Phuong (wearing a hat and standing at the middle)

In 2014, his family boldly borrowed budgets from the bank to establish Nam Son Co., Ltd, and bought stone mines in Yen Binh hamlet, Doan Ket commune in order to exploit limestone for building materials as well as serve the production needs of the people in the area and surrounding areas with the total investment of 8.5 billion VND. Especially, the owned capital was 5 billion VND and the borrowed capital was 3.5 billion VND.

In 2016, in order to implement the Decision No. 1469/QD-TTg dated 22/08/2014 by the Prime Minister about approving the master plan of developing construction materials in Vietnam by 2020 and orienting by 2030, Mr. Hoang Duy Phuong has boldly invested in the production chain of non-baked bricks, and the investment capital of stone quarry and the production chain of non-baked bricks was 21 billion VND.

Currently, all activities at the factory of non-baked brick production of Nam Son Co., Ltd were fully automated. In 2016, the output of brick reached 3 million tablets including some of solid bricks, two-hole bricks and three-wall bricks. In 2017, the output increased to 6 million tables. At the same time, the company continued to invest more in the production chain of Tazero bricks with the investment capital of nearly 900 million VND. Particularly, the budget for support of Hoa Binh province was nearly 194 million VND.

In 2018, Mr. Phuong continued investing to expand the factory and auxiliary works with the total investment of 9 billion VND. Especially, the capital in application support and transfer of science of technology programs in order to service economic and social development in the rural, mountainous and ethnic minorities areas during period of 2016 to 2025 by Ministry of Science and Technology was 4.03 billion VND. It is expected by the end of this year that the chain will be put in operation, and create jobs for about 20 local workers with the average income from 4 to 5 million VND per person per month. The expected output in 2018 of the enterprise will reach about 9.5 billion VND.


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