(HBO) – "Better understand the masses, be enthusiasm for work, pioneering and exemplary in the emulation movement, and be trusted and followed by people” – This is a comment of people when they talk about Mr. Do Van Chien, Secretary of Phu Chau hamlet party cell, in Phu Minh commune (Ky Son district).

Mr. Do Van Chien (in the left side), Secretary of Phu Chau hamlet party cell, in Phu Minh commune (Ky Son district), is always with the people in economic development.

Phu Chau hamlet has the quite large area of garden. Mr. Chien and his family has pioneered in the improvement of mixed orchards, and planted 1000 Thailand jackfruit trees, 3500 Dien grapefruit and red grapefruit trees, two hectares of herbal trees and 20 hectares of forest. Simultaneously, they shared economic development experience for farmers.

Since becoming the head of the hamlet, and up to now being the secretary of party cell, he has always sticked with the basic, actively propagandized the party’s guideline, policies and the state laws. Also, he has promoted to implement Direction No. 05 of Political Bureau about "Studying and following the ideas, morality and style of Ho Chi Minh”, and gradually mobilized people to abolish backward customs and build new civilized and progressive life. Mr. Chien said: "As a secretary of party cell, I always listen to the opinions of people, close to the people and understand them, be willing to share what I know, and persist in explaining to people in order them to understand, believe and follow”.

Thanks to changing awareness and working process, people in Phu Chau hamlet become active in economic restructuration. In the past, the hamlet had fed the largest amount of cattle in hamlet, however, they perceived the unsustainability in feeding livestock while the population was increasing, and the area of residential land and the sources of foods for cattle were getting lower. Therefore, they changed to plant orchards and herbal trees which bring higher and more stable incomes. Currently, the hamlet has nearly 10 households planting red grapefruit for income of from 100 to 200 million VND per year. Moreover, it has four hectares of solanum trilobatum for income of 350 million VND per hectare per year, and dozens of hectares of jicama and cannaceae, which creates many jobs for employees. In 2017, the average income of Phu Minh commune attained 23.5 million VND per person, especially Phu Chau hamlet reached 34.5 million VND per person. The rate of poor households in commune was 3,83%, no temporary and dilapidated houses, and particularly in no poor houses in Phu Chau hamlet.        


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