(HBO) – The Military Command of Cao Phong district (Hoa Binh province) has inaugurated and handed over a "house of gratitude” to family of Bui Van Yeng in Nai hamlet, Thung Nai commune, Cao Phong district. The 73-year-old man was infected with Agent Orange (AO)/Dioxin during the resistance war against the US.

The tile-roofed, three-room house was built on an area of 80 square meters, along with auxiliary works such as a bathroom, a kitchen and a courtyard. It cost a total of 150 million VND, of which 70 million VND was raised by officers and soldiers of the armed force in Cao Phong district and the remainder was contributed by his family and relatives.

On this occasion, the district’s steering committee for caring revolutionary contributors, military units stationed in Cao Phong, local agencies, businesses and donors also presented home appliances to Yeng’s family.


Leaders of the Party Committee – the Military Command of Cao Phong district, together with the Party Committee and administration of Thung Nai commune handed over the house of gratitude to Bui Van Yeng’s family.

 During the construction process, officers and soldiers of the Military Command of Cao Phong district, militia, youth union members and local war veterans also contributed more than 50 workdays and building materials.

The house of gratitude, which was presented to Bui Van Yeng’s family on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the War Invalids and Martyrs Day, is of great significance to policy beneficiaries and revolutionary contributors in general and the family of Bui Van Yeng in particular. The gift showed the care and gratitude of the Party, State, Army and entire society towards contributors to the Fatherland./.

                                                      Manh Hung

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