(HBO) - joining hands to build "Home of Love” for poor women is a humanitarian campaign that has been effectively implemented by the different levels of Women's Union in the province for many years. The houses formed from the warm sharing of gratitude have brought the joy of settling down, helping the members and women try to overcome difficulties and stabilize their lives.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Chay's family, group 15, Dong Tien ward (Hoa Binh city), has been living in a new solid house for more than 2 months. The joy, the excitement, the confidence to earn the living and to stabilize life appearing with the existence of the new home is still visible on her face. Chay's family used to be the poor household with the extremely difficult circumstances. The 4-grade house was seriously degraded but they did not have any conditions for repair or construction. With the support and assistance from the Women's Union of the city, the local authorities and benefactors, after 1 month of construction and repair, the house with an area of over 40 m2 was completed. The total construction cost was over 70 million VND, of which, the Women's Union of Hoa Binh City donated 15 million VND from the fund of the campaign to build the "Home of Love”.

Giving support money to build "Home of Love” to Ms. Bui Thi Thao's family, Roc Tru 1 village, Khoan Du commune.

Mr. Hoang Thi Duyen, the Chairwoman of the provincial Women's Union, says: Responding to the campaign to build a "Home of Love” to help the poor and disadvantaged women by the Central Committee of Vietnamese Women's Union, since In 2009 till now, the Women's Union at all levels in the province have actively implemented a lot of activities to contribute and mobilize the units, enterprises and sponsors to build 256 houses and repair 24 houses of "Home of Love” for poor women with a total value of over 4.79 billion VND. Particularly in the first months of 2019, the different levels of the Women’s Union have supported the construction of dozens of houses, thereby a motivation for women to rise up to the economic development has been created

Although the material value of the home of love is not much, there is a great spiritual value for the poor and disadvantaged women, encouraging them to rise up in life and overcome difficulties for the emulation in labor, production and active participation in local social work.

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