(HBO) - Promoting the spirit of mutual love and affection, "the leaves protect the tattered ones” the Red Cross of Tan Lac district has promoted the core role and bridge in the activities of the Red Cross in the humanitarian and charitable activities over the past time. In which, the Unions at all levels have called for the cooperation and contribution of the organizations, the benefactors, the sponsors and the people to participate in helping the poor, the vulnerable people and the disadvantaged people..., which has been contributing to the implementation of the social security policies in the locality.

The Red Cross of Tan Lac district are giving gifts to Mrs. Bui Thi Anhn from Trong Phu hamlet, Phong Phu commune at the program "The humanitarian zero-dong Tet market” in the spring of 2023.

Last mid-January, the Red Cross of Tan Lac district in collaboration with the district's charity club and the People's Committee of Phong Phu commune organized the "the humanitarian zero-dongTet market” in the spring of the year 2023 for the households with the special difficult circumstances, the victims of Agent Orange and the families under the prefferential policies in Quyet Chien, Lo Son, Gia Mo, Nhan My, My Hoa, Phu Cuong, Phong Phu communes. A total of 350 sets of gifts, which is worth 150 million VND, are extracted from the Humanitarian Fund, the district's Agent Orange Victims Fund and Thingo - Hanoi Trade Service Investment joint Stock Company. Attending the program, Ms. Bui Thi Anh, 67 years old, a household living alone in Trong Phu hamlet, Phong Phu commune was very touched. She said: With the attention and support of all levels and branches, I have a warmer and fuller Tet. This is a meaningful gift, a source of timely encouragement for the difficult households like my family on every Tet and spring”.

Currently, the Red Cross of Tan Lac district has 17 associations, of which there are 16 communes and town and 1 association with a total of 4,683 members. Promoting the key role in humanitarian and charity activities, the Red Cross at all levels in the district has strengthened the coordination with the appropriate authorities, departments, branches and mass organizations to promote propaganda and mobilize the members to participate in the humanitarian and charitable activities; surveying and making a list of the with the extremely difficult circumstances and those who are in need of assistance to mobilize the benefactors to support and help. The practical actions have helped the people properly understandd the mission of the Red Cross and therefore they have voluntarily joined hands to carry out the humanitarian work. Many movements of the Red Cross have far-reaching effects, leaving a strong impression in the community.

In 2022, implementing the movement "Tet for the poor and victims of Agent Orange” in the Spring of 2022 over VND 1.4 billion has been donated in the whole district, helping 2,652 households with the difficult circumstances and the victims of Agent Organge. Carrying out the campaign "Each organization and individual attaches to a humanitarian address”, 15 addresses have been registered with new needs for housing assistance, 8 addresses have been supported during the year. Five cows with a total value of VND 50 million have been handed under the district's Cow Bank program in Van Son, Thanh Hoi, Phong Phu communes. In addition, the district’s Red Cross has carried out many support and assistance activities in the area with a total value of 3.2 billion VND, assisting 5,253 people with difficult circumstances. The Red Cross at all levels continue coordinating with the functional sectors to organize health care activities and provide free medical examination and treatment with a total value of 167 million VND, assisting 1,650 turns of people… With these above achievements, the Red Cross of Tan Lac district was awarded the flag leading the emulation movement in 2022 by the Provincial People's Committee.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Tra, the Chairwoman of the Red Cross of Tan Lac district, says: Working with a noble human spirit, always promoting the core role in the humanitarian and charitable work, and district’s Red Cross at all levels has promptly helped the poor to alleviate some of their difficulties in life, and joined hands with the locality to well perform the social security work. In the coming time, the district’s Red Cross will continue to innovate its activities in the direction of promoting socialization, promoting well the core role and bridge in the charitable activities so that more and more disadvantaged people can be helped and supported. Thereby, it helps spread the noble humanitarian values widely in the community.


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