(HBO) - In recent years, the province's education and training sector hasbeen actively implementing the Party’s and State's guidelines and policies on education and training, thereby they have achieved many achievements in many fields.

The Primary and Secondary School in Cao Son Commune (Da Bac)has always been focusing on improving the quality of teaching and learning, ensuring that the students can study in a good educational environment.

The resources mobilized for the investment in education are given priority, the facilities and equipment have been invested in. The size of schools and classes is gradually arranged appropriately, the forms of learning are diverse meeting the requirements of the students. The system of the boarding and semi-boarding schools for the ethnic minorities has been maintained and developed, contributing significantly to improving the quality of education for the children of ethnic minorities. The quality of education at all levels and grades has been maintained with gradual progress.

According to Ms. Bui Thi Kim Tuyen, the Director of the Department of Education and Training, the entire sector has promoted the tradition of solidarity, sense of responsibility over the past time, we have actively been innovating, creating and trying to complete all the asigned tasks in education and training, notably the rate of schools meeting the national standards. The number and quality of the national prizes has increased, many students have participated and won the prizes at the regional and international competitions. The quality of key education and mass education has clearly changed. At the High School Graduation Exam in 2023, the province's average score ranked 41 out of the 63 provinces and cities, with 190 exams scoring 10, increasing dozens of the places in the rankings compared to that of the previous years.

Along with that, the sector has been focusing on educating to improve the political quality and professional capacity for the cadres, the party members, the civil servants and the public employees. The education in politics, ideology, ethics, lifestyle, life skills, school security and safety, building school culture, discipline, school rules, violence prevention and social evils, accidents, injuries, and drowning have been emphasized. It is necessary to maintain and improve the quality of educational popularization. The facilities, teaching equipment, and the infrastructure of the information technology have been gradually enhanced in the direction of solidification, modernization and standardization; The campus and landscape of the schools are green - clean - beautiful, friendly - safe. Particularly, the school year of 2022 - 2023, the Department of Education and Training has reviewed and planned the netwwork of schools and classes in association with the assurance conditions, meeting the requirements of reforming the general education program; building and strengthening the network of schools and classes according to the plan, ensuring the quality, which is suitable to the local socio-economic conditions, ensuring the conditions for implementing the educational program of 2018.

It is suggested directing the simultaneous implementation of the current gểnal educational program and the the educational program of 2018, with a focus on implementing textbooks and local educational materials for grades 3, 7, 10 according to the the educational program of 2018 in the school year of 2022 - 2023. They have advised the Provincial People's Committee to approve the list of the textbooks for grades 4, 8, 11 for use in provincial education and training facilities from the school year of 2023 - 2024. They have directed the preparation of the conditions for implementing the education and training program in the province for grades 4, 8, 11 from the school year of 2023 - 2024.

At the same time, they have guided the districts’ Education and Training departments to develop plans to repair, upgrade, supplement the facilities, the teaching equipment and mobilize resources from parents to purchase the school supplies for 100% of the primary school students. The dítricts’ Departments of Education and Training have proactively advised the People's Committees of the Districts and the City to allocate 17 billion VND to purchase the teaching equipment and supplies and textbooks for grade 3. Some units do a good job of socializing education, purchasing televisions, projectors, and internet connections for students in grades 1, 2, and 3 meeting the application of information technology in teaching and learning...

In the coming time, in addition to implementing the key tasks and solutions to improve the quality of teaching and learning, the Department of Education and Training will suggest some recommendations so that the Provincial People's Committee direct the People's Committees of districts and the city to prioritize the local budgets, increase the mobilization of the social resources to invest in the facilities, purchase equipment for schools to implement the new educational program according to the roadmap.

There is a mechanism to encourage the development of private schools to enhance the competitiveness and develop high-quality education; the orient planning and investment in additional facilities and equipment for schools in industrial zones/clusters and densely populated areas.

It is necessary to pay attention and allocate funds from the state budget for the medium-term public investment in the period of 2021 - 2025, the national target programs and other capital sources to invest in facilities, especially, building schools with the national standards, implementing a new general educational program, focusing on smart classrooms, sanitation facilities, clean water, kitchens, living rooms, playgrounds, training grounds, and environmental landscape.

They have also been directing the recruitment of teachers, especially the teachers of new subjects in the new general educatonal program nof 2018, paying attention to teachers of English and Informatics at the primary school level, recruiting the additional staff for preschool, medical staff, accountants, equipment, the security equipment... to meet the implementation of the assigned tasks and the requirements for building schools with national standards, building new rural areas.

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