In order to spread the noble gestures and kind actions in the community, in recent years, "Tet of Kindness” movement has been organized by all levels of the Red Cross in the province in diverse forms, becoming a beauty. The meaningful gifts from the generous hearts have helped the poor, the people in difficult circumstances, and vulnerable people have the conditions to celebrate Tet more fully.

The units and philanthropists are presemting gifts to the poor households in the program "Sending gifts for Tet” in Chieng hamlet, Tan Lap commune (Lac Son).


The program "Sending gìts for Tet” in the year of Giap Thin in 2024 was organized by the Provincial Red Cross in Chieng hamlet, Tan Lap commune (Lac Son) with the participation of many units, businesses, and benefactors incliuding Anh Ky Ltd., Tue Anh one-member limited company, Hao Hao Instant Noodles Distributor - Hoa Binh, Heart Connection Club... with the encouragement from all levels and industries in the province. The program has supported 250 sets of Tet gift, worth 650,000 VND a set for the families under the prefferential policies and the disadvantaged households in the form of giving vouchers to go to the market to choose the items like Chung cakes, rice, instant noodles, clothes, and necessities. Many meaningful activities such as volunteer haircuts, folk games and and arts take placein the program, creating an exciting atmosphere for spring. 

Together with the staff of the Red Cross and Tan Lac District’s Charity Club participating in the program of awarding the houses of the Red Cross to the poor households in Phong Phu commune, we felt more clearly the humanistic meaning of the movement "Tet of Kindness and the benefactors gave support to build the house of "Red Cross” and many gifts; of which the district’s Red Cross supported 15 million VND, the philanthropists supported 15 million VND; the Relatives and neighbors supported the working days. Celebrating Tet in a new house, Ms. Bui Thi Xuyen emotionally said: Even though my health is not good, I still have to work hard to make a living. In difficult circumstances, worrying about meals makes it difficult to think about repairing the house. With the support from the Provincial Red Cross to build a house, the family is very excited, and we no longer have to suffer from leaky rain and slanting sunlight. 

The charity buses from the benefactors to the countryside are filled with candies, Tet jams, and lucky money envelopes, which are given with warm greetings and encouragement to help the households ease difficulties and welcome a warm Spring. As a bridge in the humanitarian and charity work, from November every year, the Provincial Red Cross launches "Tet of Kindness” movement to the agencies, units, businesses, philanthropists and donors, and they promulgate the implementation plans at all levels of the Red Cross. In order for the movement to spread widely and attract many participants, the Red Cross at all levels has been promoting propaganda and strengthening the coordination with the appropriate departments, branches and organizations and the localities to mobilize resources. They have been actively mobilizing the officials, members, volunteers and the people to respond to the program. They have surveyed and captured the number of the poor people, the victims of Agent Orange, and the single elderly without homeless, the orphans in particularly difficult circumstances to help. The gifts have beeen supported in many forms such as: "Humanitarian Tet Market”, "Tet Festival”, house repairing, the entertainment activities combined with gift giving... The Red Cross has also invited the provincial and local leaders to attend and encourage the disadvantaged households to make the activities more meaningful. 

In response to the call, "Tet of Kindness” movement has received the attention of the organizations and individuals inside and outside the province. Before the Lunar New Year of Giap Thin, the Red Cross at all levels and philanthropists have donated 20,138 sets of Tet gift with the total value of 10.2 billion VND to the disadvantaged households, the families under the prefferential policies, and Agent Orange victims in the province. Regardless of the distance, each gift bag and cake package reached the hands of those who are the vulnerable people in the distance and remote areas. The community's cooperation and contributions have brought many meaningful and practical gifts to help the poor, the disadvantaged, and vulnerable people have a meaningful Spring and welcome Tet warmly. 

Mr. Bui Quoc Viet, the Chairman of the Provincial Red Cross, says: "Tet of Kindness” has become a traditional, annual movement of all levels of the Red Cross, carrying good values. Through the practical activities, the movement has made its mark and it is an indispensable activity in the annual humanitarian work.

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