(HBO) - Being given the first prize in the second contest of the creative start-up ideas for the youth in Hoa Binh Province, 2019, the project "The 4k Happy Farm experiential tourism" by the group of Dinh The Ngu Ton, Dinh Minh Quy and Dinh Thi Loan in Luong Son district has made a special impression and practical significance.

Since May 2019, Happy Farm has implemented the production of the major products such as leaf vegetable in the large sample fields located in Dong Chieng hamlet with 40 households participating.

Dinh The Ngu Ton, the team leader says the harmonious combination of high-tech agricultural production and experiential tourism is not a new idea. But the group is determined to implement the project "The 4k Happy Farm experiential tourism" with new ways, suitable to the local practical conditions and the customers' demand. With the kind of cooperative legal organization located in Dong Chieng hamlet, Tan Vinh commune (Luong Son) - the land has many advantages to develop agriculture in combination with tourism. It is near Hanoi capital and about 30 km away from Hoa Binh city with the convenient transportation... Together with that, the project has also received the preferential mechanisms and policies on land tax exemption and 50% reduction of land rent for the next 5 years. The credit institutions are ready to create conditions for the group to have more capital for the project ... Those are the favorable conditions for the project to be successful.

On an area of 4.68 ha, the project is built with specific objectives, including the short-term and the long-term ones. The short-term objective of the project is to apply the science and technology to high-tech agricultural production in combination with attracting tourists, who are the groups of students and families to Happy Farm for the experiential tourism. From these activities, it contributes to the social efficiency of the locality, creating jobs for female workers, contributing to the budget and the preservation of the Muong ethnic culture. The long-term objective of the project is to expand the scale and area of high-tech agricultural production and make Happy Farm to become the No. 1 address for the experiential tourism in the Northern region.

From the specific objectives, in May 2019, Happy Farm has implemented the production of main products such as leaf vegetable applying the technology of gas cultivation, pouring in an economical way in the direction of large sample fields in Dong Chui hamlet with the participation of 40 households. The cultivated area is 2.75 ha with the average yield of 10 tons / ha. Initially, the market has warmly welcomed the products of the safe vegetable from Happy Farm. Besides, the project has planted a number of crops with high economic value such as Japanese melons and sweet tomatoes. It is expected that the output in the second half of the year will reach 167.9 tons, equivalent to 1.7 billion VND in revenue.

They have determined that Happy Farm is a combination of services bringing benefits to the people and the community, taking the farmers as a center and highlighting Muong ethnic culture, preserving and promoting the existing cultural features. Currently, the project has completed the site and they have planned the parking lot, the area for the countryside market, the entertainment area, the experiential area as police, farmers, soldiers and firefighters ..., the coffee shops and the area for beverage, the space for Muong ethnic culture, the check-in area, the high-tech area for the model of growing vegetables by gas cultivation method, the area for farming families and safe vegetable production area ...





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