(HBO) - In Tan Lac there are 3 communes, Trung Hoa, Ngoi Hoa and Phu Vinh are located within the national tourist area of Hoa Binh lake. These are the localities with the great potential for tourism development.

In recent years, the Party Committee of Tan Lac district has been strengthening the attraction of investment and increasing the invitation to agencies, the appropriate authorities, the enterprises and the investors specializing in the field of tourism to visit, survey and experience to effectively exploit the tourism potential. On that basis, it is necessary to find out the appropriate solutions and directions to help the localities promote the development of the lake tourism.

Tan Lac District has been cooperating with the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to organize the practical filed for the travel companies, the media agencies to survey the tourism potential in Ngoi village, Ngoi Hoa commune.

In May 2019, the district coordinated with the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to organize a survey and a visit in the tourist sites in Ngoi Hoa commune. Through the survey, Ngoi Hoa's tourism potential was appreciated. The commune has a cave system with a high archaeological value and a cultural identity of the Muong ethnic people. Ngoi village - a Muong village still remains its pristine features with Karst caves and waterfalls with unique beauty. Tourists can join the team program of building, trekking, fishing, rafting... 

Besides, Ngoi Hoa also has a unique cave system with a high archaeological value preserved over time such as: Tho cave (Tham hamlet), Hoa Tien cave (Ngoi hamlet), Bung cave (Ne hamlet) ... The caves have relatively favorable paths, located on the huge limestone mountains. The uniqueness of the cave is reflected in the multicolored stalactite system in the cave and the small streams of clear water flowing all year round.

Located along Da River, Trung Hoa commune also has great potential for developing the experiential and exploring tourism. In the Tham and Ong hamlets, the development of fish-raising cages can be combined with the community tourism with many activities for the tourists to do such as taking care of fish with the local people, competing kayaking ...

Mr. Dinh Xuan Tung, the Head of Tan Lac Division for Culture and Information says that the delegation of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has highly appreciated the potentials for tourism development of the lake in Tan Lac district through the survey. The district will coordinate with the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to strengthen the promotion and the connection with travel companies to form tours and travel routes to Tan Lac. 

Besides, the district will promote the tourism development in more professional way. The state management and the administrative reforms have promptly been implemented, contributing to creating a stable business and development environment. Currently, the district has attracted 10 investment projects to develop tourism in 3 communes in the plan for the national tourist resort within Hoa Binh lake.

Besides, they have been paying attention to the propaganda and promotion of Tan Lac tourism in general and the lake tourism in particular. In recent years, the district has been implementing with many different forms and contents such as publishing publications, leaflets, DVDs introducing tourism, setting up panels, advertising large panels to introduce and advertise the tourism of the reservoir communes, building the reportage, the specialized pages, the column introducing tourism on the mass media. In addition, the organizations and the individuals dealing in tourism services have been active and proactive in propagating and promoting on social networking sites.

With the enhancement of surveying and promoting the tourism potentials, in the first nine months of this year, Tan Lac district has welcomed 111,869 turns of visitors, in which there are 108,501 turns of domestic tourists and 3,368 turns of international visitors (increased by 19,624 turns of visitors compared to the same period in 2018). The revenue from tourism has reached 19,198 million VND (increased by 5,950 VND compared to the same period).

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