(HBO) - Within the framework of the Cultural - Tourism Week in 2019, on December 7, at Hoa Binh Square, the Food and traditional craft performance of Hoa Binh Province takes place.

The leaders of the province and many people admired the leaf tray of record leaves.

Hoa Binh food and traditional craft performance festival in 2019 with the participation of 12 food stalls, displays from 11 districts, cities and Serena Resort; 10 typical trade villages of localities in the province with a number of businesses, organizing and performing of special dishes of ethnic groups in the province. The culinary artisans have created the largest and most unique leaf tray in Vietnam.

Hoa Binh food and traditional craft performance festival in 2019 is organised to honor, promote and introduce to tourists traditional craft villages of ethnic groups, unique and special dishes. Strengthening links, attracting investment in tourism development. Maintaining, preserving and promoting traditional craft villages and improving the skills of chefs, artisans, hotels and restaurants in the province. 

At the opening ceremony, the Vietnam Record Organization awarded the certificate of Establishing the record of the most traditional Muong tray of Muong people in Hoa Binh in Vietnam.

Hoa Binh traditional food and craft performance festival 2019 takes place for 3 days (from December 7 to 9) at Hoa Binh Square.

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