(HBO) - It is not prosperous, bustling or crowded with people and traffic, you have to overcome the winding, narrow roads to Sung village, Cao Son commune (Da Bac). However, Sung hamlet has become an interesting meeting place for tourists, especially foreign tourists for many years.

Coming to Sung hamlet, Cao Son commune (Da Bac), tourists are fascinated by the images of the industrious Dao women sitting to brocade scarfs.

In Sung hamlet, there are more than 70 households of Dao Tien ethnic people living in a warm and friendly atmosphere. This is an ancient hamlet located on Bieu mountain. The landscape still retains a pristine character and it has not been broken by the human interference. There are a lot of hiking trails up to the mountain for tourists to explore the scenery. Due to the high mountain, the hamlet maintains the fresh and cool air with the temperature of about 4 degrees lower than that in Da Bac town.

Together with visitors to explore the landscape and the life of the people, the Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Da Bac District, Ms. Bui Thi Hieu excitedly introduced: Sung hamlet is one of the outstanding community tourist destinations of the district. This is a project implemented by the locality in cooperation with the Australian NGO AOP in Vietnam to create the livelihoods for the local people and to preserve the pristine and majestic natural scenery. Previously, the life of the people was very difficult. 

The environmental sanitation has not been paid attention to when animals were freely raised, the animal clogging was close to the houses, the streets were humid and dense. In recent years, when it has become a community tourist destination, Sung village has been "put on a new coat”. People have changed their perceptions in their daily life and activities towards keeping the environment green and clean. The custom of self-reliance and self-abolition has been eliminated. Now the local people not only do farming, but they also know how to make tourism and services to increase their income. Changing the people’s minds is the most important brought by the district’s project on the developing the community tourism.

At present, there are 3 homestays to welcome guests in Sung hamlet, but there are more than 40 households participating in tourism activities. The impression of tourism here is that the households assign each part of the work so that every family can have a regular job without being overlapped. Accordingly, some households grow green vegetables or raise fresh and clean pigs and chickens for food, others provide bicycle, motorbike or taxi service, some other households serve cultural, arts activities and sell brocade handicraft, etc. The service price is also publicly listed at the guest houses. Each household carries their own task, therefore there is no situation of guest contending. Tourists also do not worry about being caught on the price, creating the affection and trust.

Since developing community tourism, there has been a relatively stable number of tourists coming to Sung hamlet. The greatest number is from European countries. There is a group of tourists coming to experience and explore every 5 or 7 days. Thereby, the income has increased and jobs for many workers in the hamlet have been created. On average, each homestay has an income of 14-15 million VND every month. This is a remarkable result for the people who lived in difficulty only a few years ago when they only knew farming all year round.

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